University of Findlay Endowment Investment Philosophy

The University of Findlay, in its investment philosophy, recognizes a continuing belief in a free enterprise society supported by privately-owned businesses; and the University’s endowment funds shall be invested primarily in equity and debt securities of American corporations and the United States government. This point notwithstanding, the University from time to time may consider it reasonable and prudent to invest in other investment vehicles, including international securities.

The University of Findlay’s investment philosophy is based upon recognition of the fact that in any economy, or over any appreciable time period, there will be an inflationary loss of purchasing power of a dollar of endowment. Consequently, the invested endowment funds, exclusive of new gifts, should be expected to grow by an amount that will support spending and keep pace with inflation over a reasonable time period (three to five years).

The University of Findlay will not directly and/or internally manage any portion of its endowment funds or similar assets, except those assets that cannot be disposed of because of donor restrictions or marketability, or that essentially are not liquid or, because of their size, value, or type, cannot be feasibly and economically managed by external advisers. The University will retain investment manager(s) to manage the assets of a specific fund or a portion, therefore, in order to provide greater diversification and judgment of investment opportunity and risk exposure.

The investment manager(s), chosen by the Investment Committee, shall be selected from well-established and financially sound investment management organizations with a proven and demonstrable record in managing other fiduciary moneys.

The Investment Committee shall have the authority and responsibility, subject to policies adopted by the Board of Trustees, to invest and reinvest all of The University of Findlay’s funds available for investment; to buy, sell and exchange securities and real estate for investment purposes; and to monitor all endowment funds established by The University of Findlay.

Endowment fund management is directed toward:

  • Providing stable and predictable spendable cash each year;
  • Maintaining a base of capital for generating income to meet both the current and future needs of The University of Findlay;
  • Conserving and enhancing the capital value of the funds, in real terms, through appreciation in the value of the assets and/or capital additions.