​​Oiler Nation Community Pledge​​​

July 2020

As we look forward to the start of the 2020-21 academic year, we want our campus community to seriously consider what it means to be a part of Oiler Nation. Your conduct, both on and off campus, impacts your fellow Oilers. Being a part of our campus community means that we must take every precaution to stay well and protect each other. We all have the responsibility to take this pledge to protect the health and well-being of our on-campus community and the community at large.

I pledge to take responsibility for my own health and the protection of others, and I pledge to follow the guidelines in the Oiler Start Safe & Stay Safe Plan to help keep the Oiler Nation community safe from the spread of COVID-19 and other infections. As a member of this community, I pledge to:

Protect Myself

  • Monitor for the symptoms of COVID-19 through the daily health self-assessments, and contact the Cosiano Health Center if I have symptoms of COVID-19. 
  • Wash my hands often with soap and water. Use hand sanitizer when it is available.
  • Avoid large group gatherings and crowds.

Protect Others 

  • Wear an appropriate facial-covering in public areas and inside all buildings, as well as outdoors when physical distancing of six feet or more cannot be maintained. 
  • Maintain appropriate physical distancing both indoors and outdoors.
  • Stay home if I feel ill or if I have been exposed to someone who is ill or has tested positive for COVID-19.  
  • Be positive and helpful to anyone who may need support.

Protect Our Community – Both On- and Off-Campus

  • Respect personal space and practice six feet of physical distancing.
  • Disinfect my living space, personal items, and any shared spaces I use regularly.
  • Work to mitigate spread of germs on frequently touched surfaces and objects. 
  • Remember that this is a time of uncertainty for all. I will be kind, listen to the viewpoints and concerns of others with respect, and help foster respectful discourse and a supportive campus environment.

This is an extraordinary time for all of us. We are very proud to be a community that values diverse perspectives, personal accountability, kindness, and respectful dialogue. These values are what makes Oiler Nation a community of friends, colleagues, and leaders.  We ask that you join your fellow Oilers in pledging to uphold these values and practices so we can continue to fulfill our mission of putting students on paths to meaningful lives and productive careers.