Sustaining Academic Quality

Fall 2020 classes will be delivered in several formats to enable a safe learning environment, adhere to health guidelines, meet learning outcomes, and ensure a quality academic experience. 


UF intends to resume in-person education in the fall by instituting safeguards to optimize student and employee health and safety and by sustaining quality student learning experiences. 

  • The fall semester will begin Aug. 17. 
  • The University will not have a Fall Break and will complete the last two weeks of the semester (Nov. 30-Dec. 10) remotely.
  • Students will have the option to stay on campus until the end of the semester if needed, but classes and exams held after Nov. 30 will be conducted remotely.

Face-to-Face Classes

Face-to-face classes for fall 2020 will prioritize learning experiences where such interactions are critical to effective learning. Class sizes will be limited to allow for safe physical distancing in the classroom and modified attendance patterns may be used. Face masks are required in classrooms. Disinfecting protocols will be in place at the start of each class. Class dismissal protocols will be in place to limit congestion in hallways between classes. A move to fully online instruction may occur at any point in the semester dependent upon infection spread and/or modifications in state-mandated health and safety requirements. 

Labs and Practicums

Labs will be instructed via a face-to-face modality but will incorporate video recorded pre-laboratory discussions which students must view before attending the lab. In order to provide appropriate social distancing, modified attendance patterns will be used to accommodate larger lab sections. Students will be expected to follow disinfecting protocols for shared equipment and workspaces per the directions provided by the laboratory instructor. Proper use of protective equipment provided in each laboratory space and adherence to safety guidelines concerning COVID-19 are expected. Academic programs with specific protocols for lab experiences will provide detailed instructions at the start of the semester. A move to fully online instruction may occur at any point in the semester dependent upon infection spread and/or modifications in state-mandated health and safety requirements.  

Performance Classes and Lessons

Performance-based classes including lessons will follow CDC, Ohio, and UF guidelines for safe distancing and protocol for face-to-face classes. Moreover, these classes may require more stringent safety measures based upon the nature of the performance activity. Any additional safety measures will be disclosed in the syllabus and/or course requirements. 

Hyflex/Hybrid Delivery

Hyflex/hybrid delivery includes both face-to-face and online learning options. As a result, instructors and students in these courses should adhere to expectations as outlined in both the face-to-face and online delivery sections of this document. 

Online Course Delivery

Some courses typically held face-to-face will be delivered fully online in order to create overall flexibility in classroom usage necessary for safe distancing. Course content will be delivered according to best practices for online learning. These courses will be primarily asynchronous in nature, but some synchronous sessions or on-campus meetings for office hours, brief lecture presentations, or community building may occur. Courses moved online will meet the same learning outcomes as their counterpart face-to-face versions.

Final Exams and Post-Thanksgiving Information

The University of Findlay will end in- person/on-campus classes at Thanksgiving break and complete the remainder of the semester online. Final exams will be delivered online according to the designated final examination schedule. Instructors may develop alternatives to standard final exams, and students should adhere to the guidelines in each course syllabus. 

Other Academic Experiences

The University of Findlay intends to conduct as many experiential learning opportunities and other academic activities as possible in accordance with health and safety guidelines. 

Faculty/Student Research Activities

Research activities may occur on-campus with the provision that the appropriate physical distancing and protocols are observed.