Our Mission & Heritage

The University of Findlay

The Mission of The University of Findlay is to equip students for meaningful lives and productive careers.


The College of Pharmacy

The mission of The University of Findlay College of Pharmacy is to prepare pharmacists dedicated to improving patients’ lives through practice, service and research.



The University was founded in 1882, primarily as a Liberal Arts College.  Approximately twenty years ago, the University began to expand its academic programs into Science and Health Care.  It was a natural extension of this movement to begin the process of developing a College of Pharmacy.  The first steps were taken in 2004 with the assembly of a leadership team.  The first pre-pharmacy students were admitted during 2004 and 2005.  Pre-candidate status was gained in 2006 and professional students began their careers with the first White Coat Ceremony that Fall.  Full accreditation was granted in 2011 and reaffirmed in 2013, with the next visit scheduled during the 2016-17 academic year.
Our College of Pharmacy is one of only ten 0+6 pharmacy programs in the country. We capitalize on the combination of our faculty members’ experiences and “best practices” they bring with them from a variety of settings, and the youth and energy of a growing program. Our class sizes are relatively small, allowing us to provide individualized attention to our students and to produce graduates who are extremely competitive in the field of pharmacy.

The College has matured quickly, and already offers the option to pursue dual degrees in both pharmacy and master of business administration or master of health informatics, with several other dual degree pathways in development. Hallmarks of the College include small classes that are taught interactively, a unique approach to clinical hub sites for sixth-year students and a focus on student research and community engagement.
We endeavor to provide pharmacy education to students within a diverse, supportive, student-centered environment. The curriculum emphasizes the collaborative practice of pharmacy care and related health care disciplines, continuous professional development, critical thinking, evidence-based medicine, research and service to the community.
To support our mission, our faculty and students pursue scholarly activity to advance the care of patients. We provide teaching and learning environments in which our students to develop critical thinking skills. Finally, our faculty members serve as role models for our students by participating in various service activities as part of their professional responsibilities.
Licensed graduates of our doctoral program are certainly prepared for productive careers; the focus on research and service in our program lead to the equally important goal of preparing our students for meaningful lives.