​​​​​​​Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

The department consists of nine faculty members with diverse backgrounds in the pharmaceutical sciences. Areas of expertise include traditional disciplines such as pathophysiology, medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, therapeutics, molecular biology, pharmaceutics, and pharmacokinetics. In addition, five of the department members are registered pharmacists and one is a physician.

Faculty in the department teach courses in pharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics and introductory medicinal chemistry and pharmacology. The department also works closely with faculty members in the department of pharmacy practice to teach several courses in our integrated curriculum which combines pathophysiology, medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, and therapeutics. Faculty members also engage in research and scholarly activity in the areas of molecular and cancer biology, nanotechnology, pharmacokinetics, organic synthesis and genotoxicology with primary goals of drug discovery, development, and/or evaluation.


Pharmaceutical science pharmacy students pose in front of a research projectThe Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences is committed to providing high quality, science-based education to pharmacy students, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals. This education emphasizes critical thinking and the development of problem-solving skills enabling the delivery of innovative and cost-effective healthcare services through the application of relevant scientific principles, research and life-long learning.  The department is also committed to conducting research and scholarly activity in order to contribute new knowledge to the scientific community and to train the next generation of scientists.

Members of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences support the College of Pharmacy's mission by:

  • Providing instruction related to pharmaceutical sciences in the Pharm.D. curriculum

  • Contributing to new scientific and pedagogical knowledge by conducting research and disseminating results through presentations and publications

  • Serving as mentors for both undergraduate and graduate student research

  • Actively participating in local, state, and national scientific and professional organizations 


The department of pharmaceutical sciences has three primary goals centered around teaching, research and scholarly activity, and service.


  • To provide a science-based pharmacy education through high-touch instruction for the development of contemporary pharmacists that:

  • Imparts a sound understanding of the scientific basis of pharmacy practice

  • Promotes knowledge of scientific and technological advances that impact pharmacy practice

  • Fosters an enthusiasm for science and a love of continual learning

  • Stimulates interest in pursuing a pharmacy career as a clinician-scientist

Research and Scholarly Activity

To develop an environment that fosters collaborative research and scholarship by:

  • Publishing articles in peer-reviewed professional journals

  • Presenting scientific works at local, state, and national professional meetings

  • Attempting to secure extramural funding to support research and scholarly activities and develop student researchers

  • Developing and mentoring students to prepare them to pursue post-graduate training


To demonstrate a spirit of service to the College of Pharmacy, the University of Findlay, the disciplines in the pharmaceutical sciences and the profession of pharmacy by:

  • Serving on college and university committees

  • Actively participating as members or leaders in scientific and/or professional organizations

  • Serving as editors, reviewers, or contributors for scientific journals

  • Engaging in outreach activities to improve health, wellness, and scientific literacy in the community at large