​​ Preceptor Information

The University of Findlay Experiential Education program relies on our highly qualified and dedicated preceptors to create quality experiences for our students when they are out on rotations.

What is a Preceptor?

Preceptors are practicing licensed pharmacists or other healthcare professionals who provide an important component to the pharmacy student education. Their role cannot be over-emphasized. Preceptors qualify to participate in the experiential education program by meeting and adhering to standards set by the University of Findlay College of Pharmacy (see Preceptor Criteria​).

It is the responsibility of the University of Findlay College of Pharmacy to orient the preceptor to the college and precepting role and to provide educational support to enhance effectiveness. Basic preceptor orientation and development should occur prior to student placement. This occurs through various options including access to an online orientation link and various preceptor development opportunities. Experiential faculty provide preceptor training at state meetings, on campus, at sites and offer other educational support (such as Pharmacist Letter and Collaborative Education Institute).

In efforts to establish a long-term relationship with preceptors we provide various methods of support and promotional opportunities. We encourage preceptors to be involved with on campus events such as admission interviews, oral exams, mentoring and research. Please contact Tonya Dauterman, Pharm.D., at dauterman@findlay.edu for further information about the preceptor promotion process.

Interested in becoming a preceptor?

If you are interested in becoming a preceptor for our program, fill out our preceptor application. Email Barbara Lockard ​with any questions or call 419-434-5462.

Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPE) Program

The University of Findlay IPPE program is designed to correlate with the didactic experiences our students receive.

Click here for more information on our IPPE Program.

Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) program

The University of Findlay has developed a unique APPE curriculum. In this program, students entering their sixth year are assigned to one of our "hub" sites for the completion of their required APPEs. Hub sites may be a large health system or a geographic area with several smaller sites working together. Students complete required rotations at their hub site, and they may choose to complete up to three elective rotations "off- site".

Click here for more information on our APPE Program.

IPPE and APPE Manual

The IPPE Preceptor Manual​​ and the APPE Preceptor Manual are intended to provide preceptors with the tools needed to understand and successfully precept students in The University of Findlay's College of Pharmacy. The manuals contain a description of our program, program policies (including dress code, absence/tardiness, and harassment policies among others), information on student requirements, and additional preceptor resources.

Preceptor Training

The College of Pharmacy offers a free subscription to the Collaborative Education Institute (CEI) and Pharmacist Letter Preceptor Training and Resource program to all Findlay preceptors. Subscription in these program allows preceptors to access preceptor-specific continuing education (home-study courses and live webinar), sample examples of activities, assignments and schedules, grading and evaluation tools, and access to Pharmacist Letter Journal Club (which provides article ideas for journal clubs as well as critiques of those articles).

The experiential faculty are dedicated to training preceptors. Each year we offer the following:
  • Preceptor Meeting/Development (Mid-September each year)
  • Ohio Pharmacist Association annual meeting
  • On-site preceptor development experiential topic reviews
  • On campus various CE programs


CORE ELMs, previously known as RxPreceptor, is an online software system used by the University of Findlay College of Pharmacy to track and facilitate the experiential education program. CORE ELMs is used to:
  • View student schedules,
  • Confirm student hours, confirm successful completion of student competencies,
  • Evaluate student's professional development,
  • Review student evaluations of you,
  • Track student absences, tardiness or report incidents to the Office of Experiential Education,
  • Track preceptor training.
The CORE ELMs site also provides you UF's IPPE and APPE manuals, general syllabi for rotations and other pertinent documents.
  • IPPE - Click here for detailed instructions on using CORE ELMs/RxPreceptor.
  • APPE - Click here​ for detailed instructions on using CORE ELMs/RxPreceptor

Additional Forms

Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Procedure



At the University of Findlay College of Pharmacy we continually strive to improve our curriculum, experiential education program and our program in general. If you have any feedback or suggestions for us, please submit that information by emailing Tonya Dauterman.