​​​​​​​​​Hub Sites

​The sixth year is all about experiential training in advanced pharmacy practice experience (APPE) program. With rotations in areas such as general medicine, advanced community pharmacy, geriatrics and cardiology, Findlay's experiential program is unparalleled. Each student is matched with a pharmacist mentor, in one location, which allows each student time to establish professional relationships and truly become part of a health care team while being exposed to a variety of experiences with various pharmacists specializing in their practice areas.

Map of hub site locations

​APPE Hub Sites​​​

​​In our unique experiential program, students entering their sixth year are assigned to one of our "hub" sites for the completion of their required APPE. Hub sites may be a large health-system or a geographic area with several smaller sites working together. Students complete their required rotations at their hub site, and they may choose to complete elective rotations "off-site."

The University of Findlay has a close relationship with over 30 hub sites and because of this, you will benefit from a wealth of preceptors who are well trained, familiar with our students needs, and who are experienced in teaching working with students.

​The h​ub site model also offers several advantages to you. Instead of rotating through nine different locations during the sixth year of pharmacy school, you have the opportunity to remain in one geographic area, without the need to repeatedly secure room and board in multiple cities. This model also means you don't spend the first week of every one-month experience acclimating to your site. Rather, you can focus on learning instead of orienting. UF students are also able to develop long-term relationships with their preceptors and other healthcare professionals. This allow you to become part of the team instead of a visitor, to become involved in projects and initiatives at your training site, and to develop the types of relationships with your preceptors that provide vital networks for post-graduation employment.