​​​ Unifying the University of Findlay​

​The Power of One​

Workday allows us to unify our most important data into one system.  When Workday Student goes live, we will have a complete ERP that provides us real time data, in the cloud, in one application.

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​​​The Road to Workday Student​

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What i​​s an ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software provides a solution for managing information and administrative functions for companies and higher educat​ion institutions. An ERP can provide ​support for research, student information, business management, human resources, and other enterprise systems. The goal for our ERP is to make campus management processes more efficient and to provide a seamless manner to collaborate across campus. We want to ensure all offices on campus can achieve their business goals, so reach out to the ERP team if you need help.​​