Spanish is the primary language spoken in over 20 different countries!

In the U.S., one in six Americans are Hispanic according to the Economist. This makes the Spanish language a prerequisite to success, especially in those fields that deal directly with people, i.e., human services, educational fields, international business, law, medicine, diplomacy, interpreting and technical translation. 

Spanish is the second most common language for international communication and a degree in Spanish can open doors to a variety of career opportunities. With a background in Spanish, our graduates are prepared to meet the needs of the future. 

Successful graduates with bilingual skills can work in almost every industry and corporations look to bilingual professionals to become important business liaisons whether setting up a new location in their native country or working abroad. A few career paths available to bilingual graduates include:
  • Teacher
  • Translator
  • Multicultural marketing manager
  • Pharmacist
  • Social worker
  • Healthcare worker
  • Writer/editor
  • Financial Specialist
  • Interpreter/Visitor assistant
  • Communication/Marketing specialist

Our Program

The University of Findlay’s Spanish program offers a wide variety of Spanish courses: language instruction, conversation/composition, culture and daily living, literature and folklore and business. Students can choose to major or minor in Spanish. We also encourage Spanish majors to select a second major or minor that pairs well with Spanish to fully prepare them for their career goals. 

Our Spanish major emphasizes developing linguistic and cultural competence and all Spanish students benefit from individual tutoring and conversation practice with native speakers. A major in Spanish consists of 33 hours beyond the elementary courses. A minor in Spanish consists of 18 hours beyond the elementary courses. For teaching licensure (multi-age license in education for Spanish) in the state of Ohio, 45 semester hours are required beyond the elementary courses.

Language Placement
All students who have taken two or more years of Spanish are strongly encouraged to take the Spanish placement exam. The results of this test help determine the appropriate level course for continued language study. In addition, a Spanish major or minor is within your reach. By demonstrating a sufficient level of proficiency, courses can potentially be waived toward the major or minor in specific instances.


Experiential Learning

In addition to an immersion program required for all Spanish majors, students have opportunities to participate in a traditional study abroad program with a homestay. We also offer an innovative internship teaching English at Vallejo University in Trujillo, Peru and a UF Scholars program where students develop their own research while exploring Sevilla, Spain.
Locally, Spanish internships and service-learning opportunities are available to students with Hispanic service organizations.

In addition, we encourage students to get involved in workshops, lectures, conversation tables and activities that involve Spanish-speaking cultures, and participate in campus events such as Hispanic dinners, Hispanic films, Hispanic Heritage Week and International Night. 

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