​​​​​International Studies​

Global understanding is more important now than ever in our diverse and connected society. The University of Findlay's international studies major combines coursework and experiential education to prepare students for success in virtually any industry in the United States or abroad. With a degree in international studies, you will be prepared to work with diverse populations and pursue careers in a number of areas such as: international business, service organizations based in the U.S., federal service employment, or in non-governmental organizations abroad.

Major in International Studies and travel abroad at the University of Findlay.If you're interested in studying or working abroad, working with diverse populations or strengthening a second language and cultural knowledge, the international studies major is perfect for you. We also recommend this major to students who excelled in high school language courses an​d would like to pursue a career using their language proficiency and cultural knowledge.

You will be equipped with a variety of skills in areas such as:

  • Intercultural and international engagement
  • Language proficiency 
  • Competence in a specific region's culture 

Being an interdisciplinary major, you will have the opportunity to pair international studies with a second major and/or minor in complementing areas of study that best fit your interests and career goals. Communication, political science, and business​ are just a few examples of other areas that fit well with international studies.

Customize Your Degree 

The international studies major is designed to be customized for your desired career path. You will choose one area of focus from the two options below:

Intercultural Studies - focuses on preparing you to develop relationships working within other cultural groups. If you're planning to work abroad in education or other service fields, this area of focus will help you develop the communication skills you'll need.

Global Relations - prepares you for governmental employment or graduate study in international relations.

In addition to an area of focus, you will further customize your degree by choosing a regional area to study.  Regional areas of study include: Asia, Europe or Latin America.

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International Experience

An exciting piece to the international studies major is the study abroad experience(s) that you will participate in.  The University of Findlay offers a number of options to volunteer, study and intern abroad and to engage with the international student population. We believe this is the best way to practice and strengthen your intercultural skills, so you will complete at least six semester hours of an international academic experience as part of the major. This can be fulfilled through University international study courses or through an affiliated study abroad program decided upon with your academic advisor. Often times, financial aid can be used toward study abroad programs. Scholarships are available as well.

Click here to view some of the study abroad options offered by the University's Office of International Education.


The University of Findlay has strong business relationships with many global companies that provide mutual opportunities for students to gain experiential learning, both domestically and abroad.