Learn Japanese with opportunities to study in Japan too!


The goal of the Japanese program at the University of Findlay is to help you develop communication skills that will enable you to pursue a career in virtually any industry with Japanese as a second language. Findlay offers a bachelor's degree in Japanese, a bachelor's degree in multi-age Japanese (grades K-12) with a teaching license, and a Japanese minor. To view the curriculum for these offerings, please click the button below:

Experiential Learning

Our instruction strongly emphasizes the functional and practical use of the language as well as education about the Japanese culture. You will be immersed in the language with lessons both inside and outside of the classrooms.  

You will practice your Japanese language skills: 
  1. In class
  2. On-campus activities with Japanese students 
  3. Activities with the Findlay area Japanese community members
  4. Study abroad and internship programs in Japan (short visits or up to a year)
There are approximately 350 Japanese speakers in the Findlay area, and you will do various things with them. We also have strong ties with Japan. We are affiliated with some large educational institutions, several universities, companies, and language schools in Japan.   

Every semester, you will find some of our students studying and/or working in Japan. Some of our graduates work in Japan as well as in Japanese companies located in the US. Some of our graduates became teachers of Japanese in the US and teachers of English in Japan.

Student Accomplishments

2018-2019 - Ohio Speech Contest

  • Sumrestar Beauchamp - 2nd prize in Advanced Category

2019-2020 - J-Live Talk (invited to George Washington University)
  • Alex Ciminillo - 2nd prize in Category II and Bridging Award (prize included an invitation to Japan)

Ohio Speech Contest

  • Sarah Hipple - 2nd prize in Advanced Category

ASIANetwork Student-Faculty Fellow Program (grant research in Japan)

  • Garrett Brown, Valerie Jacksack, and Amy Evaniuk

2020-2021 - Ohio Speech Contest

  • Garrett Brown - 2nd in the College Category
  • Thea Knapp - 3rd in the College Category

ASIANetwork Poster Presentation (national conference)

  • Garrett Brown

Japanese language learners working with Japanese speakers.

Customize Your Degree

Many career paths involve interacting with diverse populations. Our program is designed to pair well with a variety of other areas of study to help you gain a well-rounded education. Many students expand their opportunities by studying a second major in areas such as:

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​Hiroaki Kawamura, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Japanese
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​Rie Aoki​

Instructor of Japanese 

(419) 434-4167​

[email protected]

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