​​Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

Learn the skills you need for careers all over the world!

The University of Findlay's TESOL Program will prepare you to teach English to speakers of other languages as well as work in a number of cross-cultural settings including education, business, healthcare, or nonprofit organizations. If you're looking to travel the world or be able to communicate with people from other countries, a bachelor's degree in TESOL can assist you in landing a career in most countries. 

Graduates of our TESOL program gone on to pursue graduate school and others have pursued careers in:
  • Teaching
  • Translation
  • Interpretation
  • Business
  • Ministry outreach

"At Findlay, I learned that there's a difference between studying English and learning how to teach English. My TESOL professors provided me with guidance and taught me the skills I needed to help others around the world. I've been able to work in Japan and Korea, and teach English to students from ages three to 78."

- Molliey Gill '15, TESOL and Japanese Graduate

About the Program
To pursue the program, you do not have to be bilingual.  Students in our TESOL program come from a variety of backgrounds, both domestic and international. All TESOL core classes are taught by highly qualified and experienced professors holding no less than a doctorate degree.

TESOL students have the opportunity to customize their degree to fit their career goals by adding a second major or minor such as Japanese, business, English, political science, art, religious studies or communication. All students have an academic advisor throughout the entire program to assist you when selecting classes, adding a major/minor and seeking study abroad or internship opportunities.

Experiential learning is a big part of the TESOL program with interactive class activities, volunteer programs and apprenticeship experiences.

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​Continuing Education​

You can also further your education at the University of Findlay with a master’s degree in TESOL and Applied Linguistics​ and an Ohio TESOL Endorsement for licensed teachers. 
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