​​​​​​​​​​​​​Intercultural Studies Minor

A minor in Intercultural Studies is an excellent choice for students interested in improving their intercultural and critical thinking skills.  It compliments degrees in the College of Health Professions, College of Pharmacy, and College of Business, especially for students who wish to work with diverse populations of clients and patients.

The area of modern languages has designed this minor to compliment CORE+ classes.  We hope students will find the minor not simply a convenience but a means to further explore different cultures and learn how to effectively communicate with others from different cultural backgrounds.

Goals for the minor:

1) Students will develop intercultural knowledge, understanding, and tolerance.
2) Students will develop the ability to effectively communicate with and relate to others from various cultural backgrounds.
3) Students will explore the cultural dynamics within society in order to better understand culture, power, and privilege.


A minor in Intercultural Studies consists of:

ANTH 210Cultural Anthropology (C3)
Six semester hours of foreign language
Includes American Sign Language, English as an International Language, Japanese and Spanish (R1)
In addition, students must complete three of the following courses:
BLMC 160Deaf Culture in the United States (R1)
BLMC 220
Introduction to Culture: Bridging Differences (R1)
BLMC 330
International Living/Study/Internship (U1)
BLMC 343
Hispanic/Latino Influences in the US (GE)
COMM 218
Intercultural Communication (R1)
COMM 340Communication Across Contexts and Cultures (GE)
ENGL 202Writing and Literature (O2)
GEND 200Introduction to Gender Studies (R1)
GEOG 200Human Geography (R2)
HUMN 380Global Perspectives on Gender (GE)
JAPN 350Introduction to Japanese Culture (GE)
POLS 202Comparative Politics (R3)
POLS 203
International Relations (R3)
RELI 101 Introduction to Religion (E1) 

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Interested in learning more about a minor in Intercultural Studies? 

Please contact Dr. Greg Mott ([email protected]) Prof. Leah Brant ([email protected]) or Prof. Nancy Munoz ([email protected]).