​International Business Emphasis​

Prepare yourself for global opportunities in almost any industry by studying International Business at Findlay!​

The business world is constantly changing. It is full of diversity with corporations doing business beyond their borders to expand operations and production. There is a need to not only understand new cultures but effectively conduct business for the benefit of everyone. This has led to many new career opportunities locally as well as internationally.

International business is a great area to distinguish yourself in the corporate world. In the global marketplace, it is necessary to understand multi-cultural differences. Being successful within one’s own country is great, but internationally you experience a whole new world of challenges. Customs and business etiquette are vastly different and a simple misunderstanding could mean the end of a business relationship.   ​

​​​Findlay's international business students have found careers as a(n):

  • Corporate logistics officer
  • Market research officer
  • Risk analyst
  • International sales manager
  • World trade consultant
  • Operations manager
  • Foreign affairs specialist
  • Marketing manager​​

Program Highlights

  • ​Study abroad opportunities - The University of Findlay provides students with many opportunities and resources to study abroad. International business students​ can expand their cultural experience and learn global business practices by studying in other places around the world such as India and Japan. To learn more about study abroad opportunities visit www.findlay.edu/study-abroad
  • Pairs well with other subjects - Our program is flexible and pairs well with a number of other subjects, allowing students to individualize their degree to best fit their career goals. Students pursuing the International Business Emphasis have the opportunity to complement their degree with a minor or double-maj​or in other areas of business which include financemarketingaccounting, ​management, and public relations.
  • Develop a critical and analytical thought process - Findlay prepares students for the challenges of the business world. By specializing in international business, students​ learn how to problem solve and assess situations that allows them to successfully operate in a world that is increasingly global.
  • Valuable Internships - Internships are encouraged throughout the program in order to gain practical experience and professional networking.​

Courses & Curric​ulum

​At the University of Findlay, we are preparing the next generation of business leaders by providing them with both the foundational skills and in-depth knowledge required to be successful in the world of business. Undergraduate students in the College of Business work towards earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in an area of their choosing. A Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an International Business Emphasis from the University of Findlay, will allow you to develop a critical and analytical thought process in order to successfully operate in our increasingly global world. Click the buttons below to view the courses and curriculum in catalog.

Outside of the Classroom

Networking and hands-on learning opportunities at Findlay are endless. Here are a few ways our students gain experience outside of the classroom:

Delta Mu Delta Business Honor Society     

Delta Mu Delta is the exclusive business honor society recognized by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) that recognizes and encourages academic excellence of students at qualifying colleges and universities to create a Delta Mu Delta community that fosters the well-being of its individual members and the business community through lifetime memberships.​

Dana Scholars     

The University of Findlay College of Business Dana Chair/Scholar Program provides business students the opportunity to connect higher education with the real world of business. Dana Scholars are chosen each semester by the College of Business faculty and are recognizes as outstanding students for their academic and leadership skills. Dana Scholars network with and learn from an area business professional who serves as the Dana Chair for the academic year.

The Oiler 10
The Oiler 10 student-run, faculty-mentored marketing and consulting agency, in which students gain authentic hands-on experience by providing support and solutions to real businesses and organization​s. The group also has opportunities to travel and learn from agencies and businesses around the country. ​