​​​​​​​​​​​Student Clubs and Organizations

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Student Activities Board (SAB)

Your Source for Diverse Edutainment!

SAB is the student-led/student-run arts, entertainment & lecture programming board for the University of Findlay.
Student activity fees assist in funding SAB programming.
SAB is committed to providing diverse, cultural, educational, and social programming that enhances student life on the University of Findlay's campus.​

4 Paws of Ability

​The goal of University of Findlay 4 Paws for Ability is to educate campus and the community about service animals. We also assist 4 Paws for Ability in training their service dogs through socialization and obedience training.

Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy

Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy

​​Empower its members to serve society by using sound medication management principles and strategies to improve heath care for all.

Accounting Club Photo

Accounting Club

​​The Institute of Managerial Accounting (IMA) student club furthers the objectives of the IMA on student level. The IMA provides and environment for research, practice improvement, education, knowledge sharing and the encouragement of high ethical and business practices in management accounting and finance.​

Alpha Psi Omega Photo

Alpha Psi Omega National Theatre Honor Society

​​The mission of Alpha Psi Omega, Nu Nu Cast is to develop dramatic talent and the art of acting, support its members in their roles in all aspects in the theatre, promote rich tradition of theatre in the Findlay area, work in the best interest of the UF theatre program and all fine arts areas at the University of Findlay, and finally to foster the cultural values, which we believe dramatics develop. ​

Alpha Omega

Alpha Zeta Omega

A professional pharmaceutical fraternity whose purpose is to promote the profession of pharmacy; to develop high standards of scholarship; to inculcate a spirit of fellowship amongst its members; to bring together a body of men and women, who by the diligent maintenance of ethical ideals and faithful service, have proven a credit to their chosen profession; to honor achievement in others; to commend all worthy deeds; to build within the fraternity a triangle composed of three supporting sides which are peace, friendship, and brotherly love.​  

American Chemical Society Photo

American Chemical Society

​​The purpose of our chapter is to afford an opportunity for students of a chemical science and other disciplines to become better acquainted, to secure the intellectual stimulation that arises from professional association, to obtain experiences  in preparing and presenting technical material before audiences, to foster a professional spirit among the members, to instill a professional pride in the chemical sciences and other professional pride, and to foster an awareness of the responsibilities of the modern world.​

American Sign Language Club (UF ASL Club)

Learning American Sign Language (ASL) can boost your resume and make you more marketable for jobs in any industry​.

American Society of Safety Professionals Photo

American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP)

The purpose of the ASSP Student Section is to further the professional development of Environmental, Safety & Occupational Health students and provide networking, scholarship and technical knowledge opportunities.​

Annual Review of Changes in Healthcare (ARxCH)

​The goal of this journal is to keep healthcare professionals aware of the changing landscape in healthcare, so that patients may receive the best care possible​.


​The mission of APhA-ASP is to allow future pharmacists (and those interested in the pharmaceutical field) the opportunity to become actively involved in both their campus and community.

Aristos Eklektos Logo

Aristos Eklektos

​​The purpose of this honor society shall be to encourage excellence in all aspects of educational development; to foster an academic climate at the University; reward students for meritorious service; to promote leadership and excellence in student endeavors; and to unite in a fraternal way students of academic excellence from diverse major fields of study.​​

Association of Computing Machinery

​The University of Findlay Student Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is an organization of students who are prospective computer professionals and students who are interested in computers. Activities include regular meetings of the chapter, attendance at a meeting of the Northwest Ohio Chapter of ACM or a similar professional organization, tours of computer facilities, and sponsorship of invited speakers​​

Black Student Union (BSU)

Molding today's Black students into tomorrow's Black leaders through Franciscan education, service, and community.​​

Block and Bridle

Block & Bridle Club

​​​The purpose of the University of Findlay Block & Bridle Club is to promote the improvement of and increase the interest among students in Animal Science and to bring about closer relationships among men and women pursuing some aspect of Animal Science as a profession.  ​Twitter - @UFBlock_Bridle

Newman Club Photo

Catholic Student Fellowship

​​​​Provide opportunities to students with similar beliefs to fulfill their spiritual needs, continue developing the faith community on campus, and to participate in fun and meaningful volunteer experiences that allow members to serve others with the attitude of Christ.​

Chemistry Club

​​Advance the broader chemistry enterprise and its practitioners for the benefit of Earth and its people.​​

Children's Mentoring Connection Campus Champions

CMC provides a professionally monitored mentoring program for boys and girls, primarily from single-parent families, and children living with grandparents or other caregivers.​

Christian Pharmacy Fellowship International (CPFI)

​​The mission of CPFI is to incorporate and talk about religion in the pharmacy program. We talk about our faith as well as strive to improve others' lives.​

FFA Photo

Collegiate Future Farmers of America

​​​CFFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.​

Criminal Justice and Forensic Science

Members will develop a better understanding of the technical procedures and complex instruments used to examine and analyze forensic evidence from crime scenes.​​​

Dance On

​​The purpose of Dance On is to provide opportunities to all current University of Findlay students to learn and enjoy traditional ballroom or cultural dancing. This club aims to promote friendship, respect, and social dancing etiquette while engaging in active communication and physical activities.​

Delta Mu Delta Photo

Delta Mu Delta

​​​Delta Mu Delta is the exclusive business honor society recognized by the ACBSP that encourages academic excellence of students at qualifying colleges and universities to create a DMD community that fosters the well-being of its individual members and the business community through lifetime membership.​

Delta Tau Alpha

To promote and recognize high standards of scholarship, leadership, and character among agricultural students.​

Digital Media Club

​Whether you want to do broadcasting, reporting, or producing, you will have a number of opportunities to practice your skills as part of the UF Digital Media Club. UFDM includes the University's newspaper, The Pulse; radio station WLFC 88.3, and television station UFTV.​​

BOW Club Photo

Empowerment of Business Oriented Women

​​The University of Findlay Organization for the Empowerment of Business Oriented Women seeks to empower business oriented females by promoting networking and educational opportunities between any interested students and outstanding industry professionals.​

Gerontology Club Photo

Gerontology Club

​​To improve the well-being and quality of life for the elders in Findlay and the Greater Hancock County Area by providing leadership opportunities, diverse learning experiences, and community engagement projects to all Club members and participants.​

Greek Council

The purpose of the Greek Council is to provide capable and responsible leadership for the social fraternities and sororities on campus, provide a means of communication and cooperation between the organizations, and foster growth through brotherhood and sisterhood found within Greek organizations.​

Green Campus Club Logo

Green Campus Club

​​The purpose of the Green Campus Club is to work towards making the University of Findlay campus greener. We seek to increase recycling and sustainability efforts on campus.​​

Herpetology Club Photo

Herpetology Club

​​​The purpose of the Herpetology at the University of Findlay is to provide an opportunity for students, to establish a better understanding of Herpetology and connect with other students on campus with the same interests. The organization provides social, cultural, and educational programs, which are open to the campus community.​​

Horse Club Photo

Horse Club

​​​Horse Club promotes and provides meaningful experiences with other like-minded horse enthusiasts enrolled at the University of Findlay.​​

IMA Photo

IMA Accounting Honor Society

​​The IMA Accounting Honor Society (IAHS) recognizes honors academic achievement in the study of accounting and provides an opportunity for students to differentiate themselves as they begin their career journey. IAHS membership is available to all students who meet the eligibility criteria.​

Intercollegiate Dressage Association

​Students learn teamwork, time management, and how to be an effective rider who produces winning rides in the dressage arena. It is not necessary to be an equine major to participate on the team, many riders major in a variety of other degrees and compete on the team.​

Investments Club

The Investments Club meets twice weekly to make decisions regarding their investment of the club portfolio. The students conduct research on securities and investment alternatives and discuss portfolio changes.​

Japanese Culture Club

​Student-led culture and language circle where we strive to share Japanese culture and language.​​

Kappa Delta Phi Photo

Kappa Delta Pi

​The ​Kappa Delta Pi honors society advances quality education by inspiring teachers to prepare all learners for future challenges. ​​

Kappa Elipson

Kappa Epsilon

The mission of Kappa Epsilon is to empower its members to achieve personal and professional fulfillment by developing their confidence, self-esteem, interpersonal skills, and leadership vision while representing the interests of the membership to healthcare professionals and the community-at-large.

K-Pop Club

K-Pop Club

​​​​The purpose of K-Pop Club is to discuss Korean pop culture and its history while celebrating Korean music. We also want to increase exposure to a foreign culture through the use of music and unite K-pop fans around campus.​

Lambda Nu Honor Society Radiologic and Imaging Sciences

Mu Iota Chapter

​​​Our local chapter is named Mu Iota. The purpose of our Chapter is to foster excellence in teaching and scholarly inquiry in the radiologic and imaging sciences; foster lifelong learning professionals for meaningful lives and productive careers; foster highly skilled, knowledgeable, and caring individuals that can provide quality patient care in the medical community; and to recognize exemplary scholarship of students.​​

Lambda Nu Honor Society Radiologic and Imaging Sciences

Mu Iota Chapter

​Our local chapter is named Mu Iota. The purpose of our Chapter is to foster excellence in teaching and scholarly inquiry in the radiologic and imaging sciences; foster lifelong learning professionals for meaningful lives and productive careers; foster highly skilled, knowledgeable, and caring individuals that can provide quality patient care in the medical community; and to recognize exemplary scholarship of students.

Law Society (UFLS)

​UFLS is open to all registered UF students, of any major.

-Benefits include:
        - A free student membership to the (ABA) American Bar Association
        - Exclusive dinner invitations with special guests at Vino's Italian Restaurant
        - A voice in decisions about law school outings​


Marketing Club

Marketing Club

​The mission of UF Marketing Club is to add value to our members by providing opportunities for meaningful experiences and relationships in a business setting.​ Opportunities to attend conferences, interact with businesses in the community through Extreme Marketing Makeover, and market events on campus are just some of the exiting things this club has to offer!

Ohio Student Educator Association (UFOSEA)

lead the way for the continuous improvement of public education while advocating for our members and the students we serve. We always have, and always will work to that end.​

Oilers Environmental Safety and Health Photo

Oiler Environmental Safety and Health Organization

​​​​​OESHO provides opportunities to gain knowledge for those pursuing a professional career in environmental, safety and/or occupational health fields and promotes environmental awareness on campus by providing education to the UF community regarding environmental topics.​

Colleges Against Cancer Photo

Oilers Fighting Cancer

​​The American Cancer Society, Colleges Against Cancer is a nationwide collaboration of college students, faculty, and staff at colleges and universities dedicated to eliminating cancer by initiating and supporting programs of the American Cancer Society in college communities. CAC strives to educate students on campus about the importance of advocacy, health promotion, and cancer awareness through holding various events and educational sessions throughout the school year.

Panhellenic Association (UFPA)

​Panhellenic Association is the premier advocacy and support organization for the advancement of the sorority experience.​

Pharmacy Student Leadership Council

​​​​The purposes of the Pharmacy Student Leadership Council of The University of Findlay College of Pharmacy are to:

  1. ​Provide an efficient route of communication between the student body and the faculty within the College of Pharmacy regarding academic concerns or issues.
  2. Provide a formal venue for student representatives of the College of Pharmacy curriculum committee, student affairs committee, assessment committee, and admissions committee to disseminate pertinent information to their peers.
  3. Provide information and services relevant to the Pharmacy Student Leadership Council to students and faculty both within the College and in The University of Findlay at large.
  4. Promote The University of Findlay University-wide campus initiatives within the College of Pharmacy student body.

Phi Alpha Eta Theta Photo

Phi Alpha Eta Theta Chapter

​​​​​The purpose of Phi Alpha Honor Society is to provide a closer bond among students of social work and promote humanitarian goals and ideas. Phi Alpha fosters high standards of education for social workers and invites into membership those who have attained excellence in scholarship and achievement in social work.​

Phi Delta Phi

Phi Delta Chi

​​​The mission of Phi Delta Chi is to provide a lifelong home for pharmacists inspiring Brotherhood, Leadership, Service, and Scholarship​

Phi Kappa Phi

Phi Kappa Phi, Chapter 310

​The mission of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, Chapter 310 is to recognize and promote academic excellence in all fields of higher education and to engage the community of scholars in service to others. The Society also recognizes outstanding achievement by students, faculty, and others through various awards and through invitation to membership.​

Phi Sigma Sigma

ΦΣΣ Theta Nu Chapter is one of the three Greek social societies on the University of Findlay campus.​

Physician Assistant Student Society (PASS)

​The physician assistant student society (PASS) is a student-run organization that is committed to civic and community engagement through service oriented volunteerism.​​

Phi Theta Elipson Photo

Pi Theta Epsilon

​​​PTE is a specialize honors society which supports the development of occupational sciences and the practice of authentic occupational therapy by promoting research and other scholarly activities by its members.  In this way, the organization serves not only the profession, but helps to ensure quality health care services for the general public.​

Pre-Vet Club

Pre- Veterinary Medicine Club

​​​​​Pre- Veterinary Medicine Club will expand knowledge of veterinary medicine for interested members and further stimulate interest in the field of veterinary medicine while promoting interaction between students, faculty, and the community.​

Pre-Medicine Club

​​This club will provide a forum to share information to help pre-health profession students understand the process and preparation necessary to be competitive for acceptance into a health professional school.

Psi Chi International (Psychology)

Psi Chi is an international honor society whose purpose shall be to encourage, stimulate, and maintain excellence in scholarship of the individual members in all fields, particularly in psychology, and to advance the science of psychology.​

Psy-Key Club

The Psy-Key Club will provide opportunities for psychology majors, minors, and others interested in psychology to learn more about psychology and to participate in activities that promote skill-building in working with people.


Hundreds of Findlay students come together each week for worship in song, prayer, Scripture reading, reflection, and community. Revive stands as an extension of the body of Christ – a community of hope and love, theologically-grounded and immersed in praise. Students from all denominational backgrounds are invited on Thursday evenings at 9 p.m. to come to the Winebrenner auditorium and join with others in heartfelt praise to God!​

Rho Chi Photo

Rho Chi Society

​​​It is the object of the Rho Chi Society to promote scholarship, fellowship, and recognition of the highest attainments in the pharmaceutical sciences. ​

Rotaract Club

​Rotaract clubs bring together people ages 18 and older to exchange ideas with leaders in the community, develop leadership and professional skills​​

Scholarship and Research Society (SRS)

​The goal of SRS is to promote scholarly activities and academic research across campus regardless of major. Any discovery or creation of new ideas is scholarship whether it be the traditional research you might find in areas of science, history, etc. or the creation of a new work of art, music, literature and more. We want to see excellence in scholarship and creativity become what UF is known for. We welcome new members of all majors.

Sigma Kappa Photo

Sigma Kappa

​The purpose of Sigma Kappa Sorority is to provide women lifelong opportunities and support for social, intellectual and spiritual development by bringing women together to positively impact our communities.​

Sigma Tau Delta - Xi Theta Chapter (English)

Sigma Tau Delta, International English Honor Society, was founded in 1924 at Dakota Wesleyan University. The Society strives to:

  • Confer distinction for high achievement in English language and literature in undergraduate, graduate, and professional studies;
  • Provide, through its local chapters, cultural stimulation on college campuses and promote interest in literature and the English language in surrounding communities;
  • Foster all aspects of the discipline of English, including literature, language, and writing;
  • Promote exemplary character and good fellowship among its members;
  • Exhibit high standards of academic excellence; and
  • Serve society by fostering literacy.​

Sigma Tau Delta Photo

Sigma Tau Delta | Xi Theta Chapter

​​Sigma Tau Delta shall: 1. confer distinction for high achievement in English language and literature in undergraduate, graduate, and professional studies; 2. provide, through its local chapters, cultural stimulation on college campuses and promote interest in literature and the English language in the surrounding communities; 3. foster all aspects of the discipline of English, including literature, language and writing; 4. promote exemplary character and good fellowship among its members; 5. exhibit high standards of academic excellence; and 6. serve society by fostering literacy.​

Social Work Club Photo

Social Work Club

​​Social work club is open to any student at the University of Findlay. The focus is to promote a positive relationship between both the students to the university and the university to the outside community through the promotion and encouragement of discussion and action on contemporary issues.​​

Spanish Club

​The mission of the Spanish Club is to actively promote the Spanish culture around the UF campus and community. The club's goal is to effectively demonstrate the differences of the Spanish culture through events, promotions, and activities that provide a genuine learning experience in an entertaining way.​

SPEC Photo

Sport and Event Business Experience Club

​The goal of SpEC is to get UF students experience in the Sport and Event Management (SPEM) field of their choice. As well as professional development and the opportunity to go on off-campus trips.​​



​​​Students Teaching Respect for Individuals with Disabilities Everyday.​ Twitter - @ufstride

Student College of Clinical Pharmacy

Student College of Clinical Pharmacy

​"The American College of Clinical Pharmacy's purpose is to improve human health by extending the frontiers of clinical pharmacy. Through strategic initiatives, partnerships, collaborations, and alliances, ACCP: Provides leadership, professional development, advocacy, and resources that enable clinical pharmacists to achieve excellence in practice, research, and education. Advances clinical pharmacy and pharmacotherapy through the support and promotion of research, training, and education. Promotes the generation of innovative science, development of successful practice models, and dissemination of new knowledge to advance pharmacotherapy and patient care."​

Student College of Clinical Pharmacy

​"The American College of Clinical Pharmacy’s purpose is to improve human health by extending the frontiers of clinical pharmacy."

SGA Logo

Student Government Association

The purpose of the Student Government Association (SGA) is to provide a capable, responsible, objective, and representative Student Government.


Student National Pharmaceutical Association

​SNPhA is an educational service association of pharmacy students who are concerned about the profession of pharmacy, healthcare issues, and the poor minority representation in these areas. The purpose of SNPhA is to plan, organize, coordinate, and execute programs geared toward the improvement of the health, educational, and social environment of minority communities.​

Student Occupational Therapy Association

​Be a leader in the community by establishing methods that promote the University of Findlay's Occupational Therapy Program and by demonstrating the significance of occupational therapy within the school and the community. Encourage and promote professional behaviors that are essential for all occupational therapy practitioners. Participate in activities on a national, state, and community level that promote the occupational therapy profession.​

Student Society of Heath-System Pharmacy

Student Society of Health-System Pharmacy

SSHP is the local affiliate of ASHP, the state organization. SSHP is an organization concerned with increasing the knowledge of students about various careers and opportunities in health-system pharmacy practice. We aim to foster students' education regarding hospital pharmacy-related news and information including planning and hosting a Residency Showcase annually or biennially for our students. ​

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) serves as the primary governance arm representing student-athlete interests in Division II affairs. SAAC members serve as student-athlete liaisons that monitor and discuss happenings on campuses, within conferences, and at the national level.​

TAG Retro Logo

Technology and Gaming Club

​​​​The mission of Technology and Gaming Club at the University of Findlay is to foster interest in and to further knowledge in the areas of technology and gaming. 

Theta Chi Fraternity

Founded on the principle of friendship through the mutual assistance of every member, Theta Chi aims to provide its members with an enjoyable and fulfilling collegiate experience that also prepares them for rewarding, successful lives after graduation.​

Tri-Beta (Beta Beta Beta)

​Beta Beta Beta (TriBeta) is an honor society for students, particularly undergraduates, dedicated to improving the understanding and appreciation of biological study and extending boundaries of human knowledge through scientific research. All students are eligible for associate membership, and students who meet membership criteria are eligible of full membership. Our campus chapter sponsors guest speakers and educational events, and members are eligible to apply for research scholarships from the national organization.

UF Alumni Ambassador

​UF Alumni Ambassadors give back to the University through their time, talents, resources and Oiler pride.​​

UF Birding Club

UF Birding Club helps promote the education of native and migratory birds, the birding hobby, and the field of ornithology. The group serves as a safe and motivated space for novice and experienced birders or students that simply want to learn about birds. UF Birding Club may also follow the issues, activities, or topics of The Audubon Society, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the American Birding Association, the Department of Natural Resources, or any like organization. No experience necessary- all animal lovers are welcome!​

UF City Mission

​Helping the Community One Oiler at a Time​​

UF Divers Photo

UF Divers Club (UF SCUBA)

​​The purpose of UF Divers is to allow students the unique opportunity to explore, experience, and gain insight into scuba diving. Through the organization, students will be able to attain their open water certification, which will in turn give students the tools necessary to explore the world beneath the surface.​

Habitat for Humanity UF Photo

UF Habitat for Humanity

​Our mission is to fulfill the four pillars of Habitat for Humanity set by Habitat International. These are: Educating on the work Habitat for Humanity does locally, nationally, and internationally. Advocating for the services and work Habitat for Humanity can provide. Building for the families Habitat for Humanity partners with.  Fundraising for the work Habitat for Humanity provides to others. ​

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee, every Wednesday from 8:30-10:00 p.m. on MAC courts 3 & 4 (in the Koehler Gym)​



University of Findlay's Gay-Straight Alliance​

University of Findlay Student Nurses' Association

NSNA's mission is to mentor students preparing for initial licensure as registered nurses, and to convey the standards, ethics, and skills that students will need as responsible and accountable leaders and members of the profession.​

Women's Rugby

University of Findlay Women's Rugby Football Club

​​The women's rugby team hopes to foster and promote the growth and development of the game of rugby at the University of Findlay, as well as increase the awareness of rugby and its traditions! No experience needed!​

Wilderness Club

Wilderness Club

​​​​The University of Findlay Wilderness Club is dedicated to supporting and preserving the environment. The purpose of this organization is to provide opportunities for students and faculty to do activities in and with nature, both on and off campus, while promoting a better understanding of the wildlife in the area. This organization promotes an environmental concern among the students (and faculty) while doing things in the out-of-doors. The UF Wilderness Club exposes students to different aspects of the natural world.​



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