​Early Childhood Licensure​

Add an early childhood license to your degree

An early childhood license in Ohio allows you to teach children age 3 through grade 3.

If you already hold a bachelors degree from a nationally accredited institution then you may qualify for our post baccalaureate licensure program.  

Our post baccalaureate early childhood licensure consists of:

  • Completion of Ohio Department of Education approved licensure curriculum (individual curricula dependent upon approved transferrable coursework)
  • 3 level assessments (linked to coursework)
  • The following state required tests:  Assessment of Professional Knowledge: Early Childhood (#001), Early Childhood Education (#012), OAE Early Childhood Special Ed (Pre-Kindergarten Special Endorsement) (#013)

Students must maintain a 3.00 GPA and pass all three level assessments and state required tests to earn a Letter of Program Completion.

Diversify yourself even more by adding:

  • Three additional education courses and passing two OAE subtests to earn your Grade 4 and 5 Endorsement
  • Four graduate education courses to earn your Master of Arts in Education

Interested in talking to a professor?  Contact Prof. Melissa Recker, recker@findlay.edu, 419-434-4314.