​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Superintendent License

Earn your Ohio Superintendent License completely online in as few as 12 months


University of Findlay's Superintendent Licensure Program is for current principals and administrators who are looking to grow in their career and lead their school district to success. This State Approved Superintendent Training leads to an Ohio Superintendent License and is for individuals who meet the following requirements.

  • Have obtained a Master's Degree

  • Three years of successful experience in a position requiring a principal or administrative specialist license

  • Completion of an approved preparation program for superintendents

  • Pass a criminal background check


The Superintendent Licensure Program consists of 5 courses totaling 15 credit hours. 


The role of the superintendent requires a thorough knowledge of educational theory, school finances and strategic planning and visioning. The courses offered to ensure that you will be prepared to face all the responsibilities of a school district leader. Our intro course EDAD 610 The Superintendent is designed to explore various leadership styles, quality management structures, decision-making skills and approaches to organizational development. The need for the school and community to work collaboratively on a shared vision is also addressed. This will provide the necessary base for your future classes. Other courses go more in-depth on topics such as the finances, planning and efficient use of school facilities (EDAD 611), maintaining cooperative relationships between educational institutions and the community (EDAD 612), and the process and impact of collective bargaining on a district as well as standards and processes of hiring and employee relationships (EDAD 613). 

" What interested me about attending the University of Findlay was the ability to communicate with faculty and staff. I formed a pretty good relationship with my advisor as I was introduced to the program. I really felt connected and like that advisor was going to listen to me. I didn't really feel like I'd have a lot of success on a large campus so I wanted something a little more intimate where I could help self-manage myself and Findlay was that place. When you’re going to make a career choice, possibly for the rest of your life, I would make sure that the campus you’re going to visit has a good fit, that it feels good, that you feel supported. "  

-Tony Fenstermaker, Superintendent of McComb School District

For More Information 

Contact Buzz Dyer, Ph.D. at [email protected] or 419-434-6901.