​ Literacy Leadership Certificate​​​


The mission of the Literacy Leadership Certificate is to educate school leaders in the science of reading so that they can make informed decisions concerning reading-related issues in their schools and districts.


  1. Provide an efficient, flexible, affordable way for school leaders to learn about current state laws and initiatives related to reading.
  2. Educate school leaders in research-supported approaches to hiring decisions, curriculum purchases, and instructional & assessment practices.

Course One (EDFI 650): Literacy Assessment, Curriculum Alignment, and Data Analysis ​​(offered every fall)
Candidates will examine curriculum, assessment, instruction, and data information within a structured literacy framework.

Course Two (EDFI 670): Literacy Leadership (offered every spring)

This course introduces candidates to key researchers and practitioners in the area of raising literacy achievement. Models for replication will be analyzed and discussed as they apply to individual student contexts.

Course Three (EDFI 675): The Science of Reading for Literacy Leaders (offered every summer)

This course introduces the principles and elements of the science of reading and its application to structured literacy practices. Major research from multiple fields of study will be examined to apply evidence-based practices to reading instruction, assessment, and intervention.


​ These courses do not require prerequisites and are all offered online in an asynchronous format.

For more information, contact Dr. Mary Heather Munger, at [email protected].