Professional Development​ for Teachers

Are you looking for a convenient way to update your individualized professional development plan?

Take a look at our professional development options for teachers! Many can be taken online or over the summer.
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Are you hosting an educational professional development event that could qualify for graduate credit?

The University of Findlay provides graduate credit at a reduced tuition rate for teachers who participate in professional development programs.  In-service trainings and other professional development activities provided by your district, Educational Service Center (ESC), or school improvement teams may be eligible for graduate credit.


If you have an educational professional development event that could qualify for college credit, please contact David Rossman at or phone 419-434-4512.

What educators know and do impacts what students know and do. The goal of professional development is to improve teaching to positively impact student achievement. For practicing teachers and administrators, professional development is an essential vehicle for continuous improvement. It is one of the most important investments of time and money educators can make. We are looking forward to working with you to plan professional development for your building or district in the near future.                                                    

-Dr. Judy Wahrman, Director of Outreach and Partnership in the College of Education

Follow our Professional Development Procedures to implement your program or classes.