​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Teacher Leader Endorsement​​​​

Teacher leaders are essential to the advancement of teaching and learning in Ohio’s schools. Their involvement at the state and local levels ensures that the expertise and skills of those who work most closely with students are positioned to have voice and input on school improvement efforts. They are able to help drive efforts for change and improvement in Ohio’s schools and enhance student success.*

By taking the Teacher Leader Endorsement courses, you are preparing yourself to lead your school into the future.

*Ohio Department of Education - Teacher Leader Framework

Teacher Leader Endorsement Courses 

The Leader: Facilitator of Innovation and Strategic Management (EDSP 630)

Learn about leadership theories, models and strategies that have laid the foundation for the evolution of many leadership practices that exist today. Areas of emphasis will be leadership and strategic management, innovation and creative process, creative problem solving and decision making, strategic planning and organizing, continuous improvement and team building and group dynamics. 

Evidence-informed Decision Making (EDSP 632)

So many decisions need to be made in a school, making well informed choices is crucial. This course is designed to foster evidence-informed decision making for the teacher leader. You will work collaboratively with other students to develop high-quality assessments, analyze student data, implement differentiated instruction and respond to intervention as well learn to identify resources that can be utilized to support the assess-plan-teach-reassess cycle. You will also explore district assessment plans and the impact a teacher leader can have on the development and implementation of such plans. Thirty hours of field work is required to complete the major assignment in this course.

Coaching and Mentoring Teachers (EDSP 633)

Becoming a teacher leader opens up opportunities at the local, state and even national level. You will need to learn how to support teachers and schools at every level of operation. In this course, you will learn how to transfer your skills in teaching children to teaching adult learners. The research foundation for the course will be drawn from Invitational Theory and Practice, Social-Emotional Learning and the adult education literature. Participants will be required to develop a series of professional development modules that incorporate strategies and techniques for teaching adult learners. This course has a field experience requirement of 90 hours of work with a principal, curriculum specialist or staff developer on building- or district-level professional development.
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