​​​​​​​​​​​Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Endorsement

With our five-course, online TESOL​ Endorsement program, you can be prepared to help students who are struggling with the English language without pursuing a full degree. This program is perfect for teachers looking to increase their skills in classrooms that are growing more diverse every year. 

Learn how to address the unique obstacles your students face by taking courses in areas such as linguistics, second language acquisition, and TESOL methodology. Hear from faculty with experience teaching languages in the classroom for practical knowledge straight from teachers who have put it to use.

Use this endorsement to prepare for the English as a Second Language (086) test, so you can add this certification to your teaching license and help your students thrive.​

The University of Findlay TESOL Endorsement Program has been approved by the State of Ohio as a program of preparation.  

State of Ohio requirements for a TESOL Endorsement

  • Holder of a valid teaching license 
  • Successful completion of an approved program of preparation
  • Passage of the State Examination
  • Recommendation from the Dean of an approved institution 

Findlay's TESOL Endorsement Curriculum

​​​Designing ESL Instruction for P-12 Programs (BLMC 500)

Learn about instructional methods, materials, and assessment used in instructional design for the development of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills of ELL students from pre-school to grade 12.

Introduction to Linguistics (BLMC 510)

Gain a thorough grounding in the principles of language and see how modern speakers apply those to everyday linguistics. This course is essential for understanding the shift in cognitive processes that your students must go through in order to become truly fluent in English. 

Language Acquisition (BLMC 520)

This course goes hand in hand with Introduction to Linguistics. Here you will learn the theory behind the process of second language acquisition and the different variables that affect its success.

ESL Educational History, Policy and Assessment Practices in P-12 Schools (BLMC 522)

To develop an applicable curriculum, you must work with the school, district and state guidelines. This course will take you through ESL policies, the history behind them and various assessments required in an ESL classroom. Special attention will be given to practices that apply to Ohio schools.

ESL Teaching Practicum (BLMC 599)

Now you get to put what you've learned in action. You will have the opportunity to student teach in an ESL classroom and build a teaching portfolio to complete a state requirement during this course. 


Please contact Dr. Fennema-Bloom, Director of the TESOL/AL program at [email protected] for further program information. To talk with an admissions counselor for this program, please contact the Office of Admissions at 419-434-4732 or by email at [email protected].