​​​​Occupational Therapy Adaptive Living House

An education and research center providing unique hands-on learning opportunities for occupational therapy students.

The occupational therapy adaptive living house is an all hands-on learning experience for occupational therapy students. Students will gain knowledge and skills for every individual through adapting the home environment and using devices to assist everyday lifestyles.

Resources such as occupational therapy material and journals are in the occupational therapy house for student use. Research projects regarding older adult independence and performance are studied by occup​ational therapy students. The occupational therapy house offers the opportunity for students to study home modifications and assistive devices.

The occupational therapy faculty and students also offer outreach to educate the community on various topics including:
  • Aging in place - defined as growing older without having to move from one's current place of residence, in order to secure necessary support services in response to changing needs.
  • Home modification​
  • Adaptive equipment​