​Traditional Course Sequence​​​​

Traditional  Professional Program (3 1/2 years)

Professional Program Admission Criteria for the Traditional Program (entering as a junior)

  1. Gain acceptance to The University of Findlay

  2. Completion of the pre-professional course requirements for a bachelor of science degree

  3. Minimum overall grade point average of 3.0

  4. Fifty hours of observation or volunteer e​xperience

  5. Three satisfactory professional recommendations

  6. Completed occupational therapy program application

The occupational therapy program reserves the right to make program and admission requirement changes without prior notice.

Year One

​Fall Semester ​7 Credits
​OCTH 311 ​Introduction to Occupational Science
​OCTH 312 ​Analysis of Human Occupations
​OCTH 321 ​Professional Relationships in Context
​​Spring S​emester ​16 Cre​dits
​OCTH 306 ​Fuctional Movement
​OCTH 345 Diagnostic Groups
​OCTH 404 ​Human Anatomical Structures
​OCTH 450 ​Occupational Therapy Concepts and Philosophy
​HEPR 355 ​​Introduction to Health Care Systems

Year Two

​​Fall S​emester ​17 Credits
​OCTH 330​ Research and Critical Analysis                                        
​OCTH 340 ​Professional Issues
​OCTH 350 ​Neuroscience
​OCTH 415 ​Group Dynamics in Occupational Therapy
​OCTH 463 ​Occupations Through the Lifespan-Biopsychosocial
​Spring Semester ​13 Credits
​OCTH 410

​Educational Strategies in Health Professions

​OCTH 421 ​Contextual Issues in Practice: Supporting Client-Centered Care
​OCTH 424 ​Occupations Through the Lifespan-Pediatric
​OCTH 474 ​Research in Occupational Therapy
​OCTH 480 ​Level I Fieldwork A ​​
​Summer Semester ​2 Credits
​OCTH 650 Occupational Therapy Project I                   

Year Three

​Fall Semester ​15 Credits
​OCTH 553 ​Occupations Through the Lifespan-Adult
​OCTH 580 ​Level I Fieldwork B
​OCTH 621 ​Advanced Theory
​OCTH 624 ​Health Promotion and Wellness
​OCTH 645 ​Technological Occupations
​OCTH 651 ​​Occupational Therapy Project II
​Spring Semester ​17 Credits
​OCTH 507 ​Management in a Changing Health Care Environment
​OCTH 616 ​Occupational Therapy Communication and Program
​OCTH 622 ​Leadership
​OCTH 634 ​Occupations Through the Lifespan-Geriatric
​OCTH 652 ​Occupational Therapy Project III
​OCTH 660 ​​Level I Fieldwork C
OCTH 695

 Issues and Trends​

​Summer Semester ​6 Credits
​OCTH 690 ​​
Occupational Therapy Level II Fieldwork A                                    


Year Four

​Fall Semester ​6 Credits
​OCTH 691 ​Occupational Therapy Level II Fieldwork B