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The University of Findlay offers Certificates of Completion, Bachelor of Science degrees, and Associate of Arts degrees in Diagnostic Medical Sonography (General) and Echocardiography. In the final year of your chosen degree and/or certificate, you will apply to the Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS) Programs. A supplemental application and acceptance to the selected professional program (General or Echo) will be required.  

All prospective applicants must first apply online to the University of Findlay and are encouraged to apply at least nine to twelve months prior to the beginning class date. 

Note: University of Findlay students enrolled in the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Programs majors will receive the supplemental application for the selected professional program from their academic advisor. All other students who are applying directly to the DMS professional programs should please review the information below. 

DMS Professional Programs Admission Process

Transient or certificate-seeking students applying directly to the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Programs (General or Echo) must first apply to the University of Findlay.

When applying to the University:

  • Please select the entry term you intend to begin classes. DMS professional program courses are offered only with fall start dates. Please note: if you select a spring or summer entry term, your application will not be accepted. You must select fall entry.
  • Transient (visiting) and non-degree seeking students should select the "Certificate Seeking" option in the application, then select "Diagnostic Medical Sonography" or “Echocardiography." 

Upon acceptance to the University of Findlay, you will receive a link to the online supplemental application for the DMS professional programs via email. You must complete the application and submit a non-refundable $50 NMI application fee, which can be paid electronically.

As a part of your supplemental application you will also need to download and complete the Patient Confidentiality Agreement and two (2) Observation Forms (one for General and one for Echo). 
All applicants are also required to read the DMS Prospective Student Handbook, which contains very important information about the DMS professional programs. Click the button below to read the DMS Prospective Student Handbook.

After submitting the supplemental application, the DMS Programs will be in contact with admissions status letters. Determination letters will be sent according to the timeline found on page 10 of the Prospective Student Handbook. If accepted into the program, you would then begin the process to secure a clinical site. Please see “Selection Criteria" below for further information. 

*Please note: Students who have been dismissed or been placed on probation from any University of Findlay program for integrity issues or for issues related to noncompliance of program or University policies and procedures will not be considered for admission.    


  • Per accreditation standards, Diagnostic Sonograph​y Program applicants, must complete all of the following prerequisite courses:
    • Anatomy and Physiology I
    • Anatomy and Physiology II
    • General Physics with Lab or higher
    • College Algebra or higher
    • Communication Course such as:
      • English 
      • Composition
      • Speech
    • Medical Ethics (certificate-seeking applicants only)
  • Prerequisite courses must be completed with a "C" or higher
  • Complete the application for admission to the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Programs
  • Degree-seeking students will be advised to complete additional courses before beginning the Sonography Programs
  • Evidence of current CPR certification for healthcare providers
  • Student background check*
  • Completion of the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Programs health form
  • Drug test – if required by the clinical education center

*Students whose background check is returned with adverse findings are encouraged to submit this information to the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS).  The ARDMS will determine whether or not the student can sit for the credentialing examinations.  All applicants for the ARDMS examination must determine his/her eligibility, based upon the ARDMS Compliance Policy. 

This policy can be found on the ARDMS website.

Certificate-Seeking Students

A Certificate in Echocardiography or  General Sonography is available for credentialed sonographers who wish to enhance their careers; other credentialed health professionals such as a Registered Nurse, Physician Assistant, Respiratory Therapist or Radiographers are also welcome to seek admission. A certificate may also be earned by students who possess a previous Associate's or Bachelor's Degree, in Sonography or some other field.

Certificate-seeking students must have completed all program prerequisites as well as a course in Medical Ethics to be considered for one of the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Programs. All other policies and procedures that apply to degree-seeking students apply to the certificate-seeking students regarding the length of the academic program as well as the clinical education component of the program.

International Students

Applicants receiving their post-secondary education outside the United States must have their credentials evaluated by an acceptable credentials evaluation service or the University to show U.S. equivalency. The University of Findlay provides free in-house credential evaluations for all applicants. If an applicant already has a third-party credential evaluation report from a NACES-approved organization, the applicant may choose to do so. NACES-approved organization s can be found at www.naces.org. Official transcripts or mark sheets and degree completion certificate in English as well as the native language can be uploaded through the online application portal. 

In addition, an official TOEFL score or IELTS results taken in the past two years must be sent to the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program Office.

If the TOEFL score is below 61 or if no score is provided, then the applicant will need to successfully complete the Intensive English Language Program prior to entering the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Programs. The TOEFL-iBT score must be an 89 total and 26 speaking, 24 writing, 21 reading and 18 listening or the applicant will need to successfully complete the Intensive English Language Program prior to entering the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Programs.

IELTS results must be an overall band score of 6.0 or higher or the applicant will need to successfully complete the Intensive English Language Program prior to entering the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Programs.

​Selection Criteria


To be considered for a fall semester start date, applicants must have all prerequisites courses successfully completed by the end of fall semester prior. These students, if offered admission, will have a conditionally accepted status. Students who will not successfully complete prerequisite classes until the end of the spring semester prior to the fall start date, may be considered an alternate. If a student will not complete the prerequisite courses until the end of the summer semester prior to the fall start date, they will be denied acceptance. 


The number of available clinical sites determines the number of students that a concentration can accept. Therefore, acceptance is not guaranteed. Depending on clinical education center availability, an alternate status may change to a conditionally accepted status once all prerequisites have been successfully completed.


Once a conditionally accepted student completes all of the health requirements, completes a background check with no adverse findings, and secures clinical placement, they will be considered an accepted student.  


To learn more about the DMS Programs' financial aid structure and scholarship opportunities, please click here. ​