​Welcome to Sonography

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the University of Findlay Sonography Programs. Accepted students can choose from two​ exciting imaging careers: General Sonography, which is the study of the abdomen, obstetrics, and gynecology; ​and Echocardiography, which evaluates the adult heart for function and pathology.

You will spend one semester of academic work on campus learning everything you will need to be successful in the clinical component of your chosen program. The laboratory sessions within each program will provide you with the opportunity to apply learned concepts in a controlled setting under the direction of a credentialed sonographer while using our state-of-the-art equipment.

The clinical component of the program is a full-time commitment that extends for 35 weeks. Students may choose to interview for clinical placement in a hospital setting in Northwest Ohio, close to home or perhaps even within an exciting new city!

The faculty are experts within their specialties and are ready to mentor, guide and support you through every aspect of the program from start to finish. As a graduate of our program you will be recognized for your skills in critical thinking, leadership, patient care, teamwork, health promotion, professionalism and the ability to work across a variety of inpatient and outpatient settings.

With rapidly developing new technologies and increased use of diagnostic ultrasound procedures, growth is projected to continue in the future with employment opportunities for qualified sonographers in both urban and rural areas nationwide. Graduates of our sonography programs can choose to work in clinics, hospitals, private practice physician offices, public health facilities, laboratories and other medical settings performing examinations in their areas of specialization. Career advancement opportunities exist in higher education, administration, research and with commercial companies in roles such as educators, application specialists or sales representatives.

On behalf of the faculty, administrators, and staff at University of Findlay, I am pleased to invite you to learn more about our dynamic and exciting Sonography Programs! We offer informational sessions each semester including a tour of our facilities.

Thank you for your interest!​  

Susan Watters

Assistant Professor of Sonography, Director of Sonography Programs, Chair of Diagnostic Services Department
[email protected]