​​​​​Global Review Committee​


The Global Review Committee serves to coordinate and communicate the efforts of as well as the findings from the various University assessment committees including Curricular Assessment, General Education, Academic Program Review, and Non-Instructional Assessment. This information is then shared out with the campus community via a yearly newsletter and assessment calendar. In addition, the Global Review Committee provides updates and guidance (based on assessment findings) to administration for purposes of prioritization and continuous improvement. ​

2020-2021 Committee Goals

1. To demonstrate how data from the University's assessment committees leads to continuous improvement on a variety of levels.  


2. To support and provide counsel to the University in establishing an Office of Institutional Research.

The Global Review Committee meets one time per month: September through May and during the summer as needed.



Committee Member

Area of Representation

Denecker, Christine (Chair)

VPAA's Office

Fields, Darin (VPAA)

Academic Program Review (APR)


APR open position

Alava, Erin

Curricular Assessment Committee (CAC)

Tice, Nathan

General Education Committee (GE/CORE+)

Schroeder, Mariah

Non-Instructional Assessment Committee (NIA)


NIA open position

Schneider, Helen