​​​​​​Federal Work-Study

The Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program allows for undergraduate and graduate students, who establish a financial need, to meet the costs associated with their education through part-time employment. The main focus of the FWS Program is to help students finance their education through an earn-as-you go program while providing an educational work experience. The primary benefit is the earnings from the FWS Program do not have to be applied towards the calculation for determining financial aid eligibility the next time a student applies for aid.

Who is eligible for Federal Work-Study and how will they know if they qualify?

FWS is awarded to students who have completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and meet financial need requirements. If the student is awarded FWS, the award amount appears on the student's financial aid award letter.

Are all jobs on campus Federal Work-Study positions? 

No, but all jobs on campus are open to Work-Study eligible students.  Students who do not have Work-Study may apply for any jobs listed on the Student Employment Job Board unless they indicate they are work study only.

If I work a Federal Work-Study position, will my school account be credited?

All students who work on campus, including Work-Study eligible students, receive pay for the hours worked. If you wish to apply your earnings to your account, you may make a payment at the Business Window.   ​

Is the student employment process for students with Federal Work-Study the same as it is for students without?

Both students with and without a FWS award are allowed to work on-campus. Both follow the same employment process to apply for and secure a position and to complete the required paperwork to be employed. They are paid the same rates for the same position and are required to follow the same employment rules.

For additional information please visit: Office of Financial Aid