​​Supervisor of the Year​

The nomination period for this year's Supervisor of the Year has come to an end. Thank you to all that nominated their supervisor this year!​

Supervisors provide far more than basic training. They serve as mentors who build skills and advance technical knowledge, they support student career aspirations and foster professionalism, and they serve as positive role models for their student employees. In short, supervisors play a vital role in a student's overall educational experience.


Each year, students are given the opportunity to say “Thank you!" by nominating their supervisor for the UF Supervisor of the​ Year Award​. This award is given to an outstanding supervisor who has made a significant contribution to their student staff by demonstrating Extraordinary Leadership, Professionalism, and Guidance. The guidelines for this award have been established by the Midwest Associations for Student Employment Administrators (MASEA). 


The competition is open to all UF faculty and staff who are listed as student supervisors in Workday.


The campus winner is entered in the state and regional competition as well as receiving a certificate of recognition from the University. The winner of the regional competition goes on to compete for the national title.

Tips for Completing the Nomination

The selection committee can only make a decision based on the information provided in the nomination. Please try to provide examples and evidence of why the supervisor is outstanding. 

Per MASEA guidelines, please include information and examples about the following areas:

  • The nominee's greatest attributes, as they relate to their supervision
  • How the nominee has gone above and beyond the standard work expectations as a supervisor
  • The quality of the nominee's work and work style
  • The nominee's leadership skills, initiative and motivation 
  • The impact the nominee has had on their student employees
  • The qualities of the nominee that set him/her apart from other student employment supervisors

Submission Procedure

A nomination letter, limited to 2 pages in length, should be emailed to: [email protected] No later than 5:00 p.m. Friday, February 10, 2023. Late entries will not be considered.

​Also include with the nomination letter the following information:

  • Nominee's name and department
  • Nominator's name, department and campus email address

ONLY ONE NOMINATION LETTER PER NOMINEE. Any additional materials will not be considered. The information you provide may be shared with the public through press releases and other promotional opportunities through the University of Findlay.​

2022-2023 Supervisor of the Year: Harley Ferris​

​​​Screen Shot 2024-01-18 at 8.59.30 AM.pngHarley Ferris, Ph.D. assistant professor of English and director of the Writing Center was nominated by one of his Writing Center tutors for the title of “Student Employee Supervisor of the Year.” “You can tell that he’s very passionate about his students and his efforts to educate us,” said Kaylee Furge, University of Findlay student and tutor, who nominated Ferris for the award. “He reminded me that my work is important. For the first time, I felt super compelled to submit a nomination and write a letter. I have never had a supervisor that was more deserving of this award.”​

2021-2022 Supervisor of the Year: Brad Hammer​​

​​download (1).pngHammer’s graduate assistant, Maggie Morehart,  nominated him for the Student Employment Supervisor of the Year Award. Maggie stated that “Some of Brad’s greatest attributes are his willingness to listen, his humility, and his ability to inspire his staff to continually find ways to improve. He is one of the most sincere and caring people I know, and he makes his entire staff feel heard and respected. I look up to Brad as a mentor and role model: he cares about his community and is willing to give his time to help others achieve their goals.”


Hammer was runner-up for the Regional Award through the Midwest Association of Student Employment Administrators (MASEA).​

2020-2021 Supervisor of the Year: Todo Djurovic

Djurovic was nominated as Student Employment Supervisor of the Year by Satarupa Banerjee, graduate assistant for the Office of International Admissions and Immigration Services. Banerjee said Djurovic is looked up to for his leadership, problem solving skills, and helping his team grow professionally and academically.​

2019-2020 Supervisor of the Year:​ Nicole Williams

Williams' graduate research assistant Jonathan Woodward nominated her for the Student Employment Supervisor of the Year award. Woodward says she has demonstrated professionalism, leadership, and mentored him both academically and professionally.

“It means a lot to me that my supervisor is looking out for my best interests, believing in me and wanting to see me succeed," Woodward writes in his nomination letter. “This exemplifies a supervisor that goes way above and beyond the standard work expectations to truly be a mentor."

Williams said she is honored to be the Supervisor of the Year and appreciates the recognition of her efforts. “It is an immense privilege to be the recipient of this award," she said. “My students are the heart of my teaching, research, and service."