Student Employee of the Year (SEOTY)​​

​The UF Student Employee of the Year Award is presented annually to an outstanding undergraduate and/or graduate student who has made a significant contribution to the university through their student job by consistently demonstrating good work ethics, reliability, initiative, creative thinking, and professionalism; either on-campus or off.


The winning student receives a scholarship award, certificate of recognition, and is entered in the state competition. State winners are entered into the regional competition and so on until the national title is awarded. ​ 


All nominees and their supervisors are invited to the annual Symposium Event and Awards Reception where the SEOTY winner will be announced. The Symposium will be held on April 14, 2023, during Student Employment Week.

Nominations for 2023 SEOTY are OPEN!​ 

We are excited to announce that the Writing Center has offered to assist supervisors with writing an awesome nomination letter! Please Harley Ferris at [email protected]  to schedule an appointment.​


Student Employees must be currently enrolled and be in the undergraduate program.

To nominate a student for the SEOTY award, please review the categories below. This year, you will need to choose the best category that your student employee falls into and write a summary using the criteria provided about the student and how they excel in that area. Please be descriptive.

If you feel that your student excels in multiple areas, you are welcome to identify other categories in your nomination letter which may put them in the running for the Overall SEOTY award at the national level. However, you will still need to identify the primary category you are nominating them for.


Student Employees must be currently enrolled and be in the graduate program.

Supervisors nominating a Graduate Student Employee must use the Overall Student Employee of the Year criteria.

All nominations should be in a word document and emailed to [email protected] no later than Friday, February 3 at 5 p.m.



Career Readiness Guide - details on the NACE Competencies

2021-2022 Undergraduate Student Employee of the Year 


Olivia Organiscak was nominated by Patrick Grine, chemistry lab manager, for her excellent communication skills, efficiency, work ethic, and leadership qualities. Serving as a Student Assistant in the Chemistry department since January of 2020, Grine said Organiscak has the tenaciousness we need in the department.


“I have come to find Olivia, as a “quiet leader”.  Grine goes on to say, “You would not know she is leading but she is.  It is because of who she is.  Olivia is a very kind and sincere person.  She is always concerned with others before herself.”​

2021-2022 Graduate Student Employee of the Year 


Marissa Baker was nominated by Harley Ferris, Assistant Professor of English, for her work as a Graduate Assistant at the University of Findlay’s Writing Center. 


“Nominating Marissa Baker for this award was an instantaneous decision,” said Ferris. “Her daily contributions to the Writing Center since she joined in Fall of 2020 have been significant and hugely beneficial. She has clearly demonstrated both leadership and competency that is already helping her emerge into the field of Writing Center Studies as a proficient director, aligning with her future career goals and, in the meantime, serving the Writing Center and by extension the entire campus community effectively.”


“Our hope is that this institution-wide recognition helps future Writing Center tutors--at the graduate and even the undergraduate level--envision what UF students are capable of when they apply their energy and talents in a given space. Marissa’s ability to both execute in an exemplary manner assigned tasks as well as identify and address other areas illustrates the best possible balance between community and autonomy in a student worker.”​

​2020-2021 Undergraduate Student Employee of the Year 


Molly Owens was nominated by Patrick Grine, chemistry lab manager, for her excellent communication skills, efficiency, work ethic, and leadership qualities. Serving as a Student Assistant in the Chemistry department for the last three years, Grine said Owens has been instrumental to the department in a number of ways.


“Molly leads by example and has respect and following due to her dedication to the work and the hard work she performs," Grine stated. “Besides being a leader, she is a team player. Her whole concept of work is based on how to do the work as a team."​

​2020-2021 Graduate Student Employee of the Year 


Mahdi Khansari was nominated by Karen George, senior director of Advancement, for his work as a Graduate Assistant at the University of Findlay's Mazza Museum. 


“Mahdi consistently goes above and beyond whatever is asked of him," said George. “He is extremely responsible and dedicated no matter what the project or who is leading it. The entire Mazza team enjoys and has benefitted from the flexibility, productivity, positivity and professionalism that he demonstrates every day."


Khansarai's background in computer science and engineering has allowed him to contribute immensely in the research and implementation of equipment and technologies for the new Joseph and Judith Conda STEAM Education Center.

2020-2021 Honorable Mentions

Student Nominee

Nominating Supervisor


Mary Morehart

Brad Hammer

Career and Professional Development

Moriah Christensen

Cara Davies

College of Science
Jace Swingle

Nira Kadakia

College of Pharmacy

Macaulay Williams

Chris Medjesky

College of Business

Elysia Detweiler

Carole Luke

College of Health Professions

Maverick Guenther

Linda Werst/Carol Stitt

Western Farm

Luke Smith 
Dana Emmert
College of Science

Kelsi Gillespie

Deanna Brown

Academic Support Center

Emily Paul

Patrick Grine

College of Science

019-2020 Student Employee of the Year

Olivia Hatton is a senior Forensic Biology and Biology major, with a minor in Chemistry. Olivia is involved with multiple on-campus clubs, including Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter, TriBeta Biology Honor Society, Scholarship and Research Society and has also presented at various conferences. She has been working as the Forensic Science Student Assistant since the fall of her freshman year. Her nominating supervisor, Jaymelee Kim, had this to say about Olivia, “Olivia puts thought into her work and gets it done efficiently," Kim said. “She has been adaptable and flexible in her position as the department's student assistant. Working with her has been great, and she will be hard to replace when she graduates. She balances work with a full course schedule, other jobs, research, and community service. Given those factors, I think the quality and reliability of her work is noteworthy and she is well-deserving of this recognition."

2019-2020 Honorable Mentions​

Student Nominee

Nominating Supervisor


Alexis Rushton

Jaymelee Kim

College of Science

Brigid Griffin

Skylar Mettert

Greek Life

Cheyenne Potteiger

Amy Yeater

College of Health Professions

Emily Braun


Jefferson Primary

Emily Paul

Patrick Grine

College of Science

Haley Ganger

Sharinda Welton

Student Activities

Hope Brant

Cathy Donovan/Leah Brant

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Jacquelyn Morris

Rachel Darroch


Molly Owens

Patrick Grine

College of Science

Sydney Brown

Kirby Overton

College of Business

Sydni Carpenter

Orion Jones

Physical Plant

Zoe Zuress

Cathy Donovan/Leah Brant

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences​

​​2018-2019 Student Employee of the Year



Meagan Rhine is a graduate student in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at the University of Findlay. She began working for the UF English Department in the fall of 2014 and has loved every minute since. In addition to the English Department, she works at the student recreation center giving relaxation massages to students, faculty, and staff. “These jobs have provided me the opportunity to enhance skills less emphasized in the classroom curriculum, including budgeting, logistics, and communication," Hatton said. “I am passionate about the care of my future patients, who fuel my efforts to become the best version of myself. My education and work experience have prepared me to exceed expectations as a student and as a professional in my field upon graduation."

2018-2019 Honorable Mentions​

Student Nominee

Nominating Supervisor


Rachel Claus

Jackie Stephenson

Academic Support Center

Todo Djurovic

Dr. Nabarun Ghose

College of Business

Rachael Elliott

Erika Monticchio​


Elizabeth Fisher

Ben Dolan


Kenzy Oiler

Lynn Bell

Physical Plant

Matthew Soyland

Christina Harvitt

Technology Support Services

Alexandra Thorn

Monica Birchmeier



2017-2018 Student Employee of the Year​


Alyssa Westgerdes is a physical therapy major with a minor in psychology. Alyssa is involved in the Physical Therapy Organization as well as the secretary for Colleges Against Cancer. She is an only child and loves spending time with her family. “Here on campus I work in the business office and I also work on the Tobacco Free Campus Generation Initiative with the best boss that anyone could ever want, Julie Yingling. I am very blessed to have met Julie so soon into my time here at UF. She has quickly become more than a boss to me and I am so very grateful for that. I have enjoyed my time here at UF so far, and I am very excited for what else is yet to come."

2017-2018 Honorable Mentions​

Student Nominee

Nominating Supervisor


Hannah Adkins

Judy Rucker


Torie Allgire

Judy Rucker


Katherine Karkosiak

Lynne Bell

Physical Plant

Krystal Koch

Kate Brown


Mackenzie McClure

Sherri Morrison


Poojaben Patel

Damon Osborn

College of Business

Joshi Kotari

Kimberly Walker