​General Information

​Nationally, many students are employed while completing their undergraduate education. Some students begin employment immediately, while others start working later. As your student makes the important decision, this page has some helpful information to questions your student may have.

Student Employment encourages parents to remain engaged in their student's life while attending The University of Findlay. Parents should support their student and encourage their growth academically and professionally. As you send your son or daughter off to UF, please know that their ultimate success and career satisfaction depend on a careful, systematic exploration of who they are, what they want to do and how they will get there. The time for them to do this exploration is now. Working together, we can help them achieve their career dreams.

The involvement of parents in their student's career development is vital! Many students' career goals are shaped by their family upbringing. Parents should note, however, that while behind the scene help and advice is valuable, active involvement in students' job searches, such as contacting employers directly, accompanying students to interviews and attempting to conduct salary negotiations directly with employers, will likely create barriers rather than opportunities for job-seeking students, who need to be perceived by employers as competent, independent adults.

For additional information please visit: Oiler Parents