More Than Just A Paycheck

Students obtain part-time employment while attending The University of Findlay for various reasons. They may need to work because they feel the experience could be a valuable part of their education or in order to meet educational and living expenses. The skills they obtain from working complement their academic performance and communicate to future employers their ability to succeed in a professional setting.

Research has consistently shown that students who combine part-time work (less than 20 hrs./wk.) with their college studies actually do better academically than those who do not work.  The decision to work, however, is an individual decision taking into account class load and other extracurricular activities and commitments.

Benefits To Working A Student Job

  • Earn money to help pay your expenses
  • Reduce necessity for student loans
  • Acquire valuable work experience for your resume
  • Opportunity to enhance fundamental work skills
  • Opportunity to sample different career choices
  • Valuable and practical career-related experiences
  • Connection with full-time staff interested in your success as a student
  • Opportunity to network and develop relationships with professionals that can lead to letters of support/recommendation
  • Work with employers who tend to be more flexible with your hours