​​​​​Supervisor ​Resources

​As a supervisor of student employees, your interaction with your students is crucial.

Supervisors are an extension of the faculty members the students interact with daily. ​Supervisors help to take what students are learning in the classroom and apply that education to on-campus employment as well as employment after graduation. ​​​Because of these interactions, you are well suited to serve as a supportive resource for students at The University of Findlay. With that in mind, it is important that you stay up to date on the many support resources available for students on campus. 

Hiring a Student Employee​

​Getting Ready to Hire:

1. Job Description

    • Develop an accurate list of job responsibilities that serve as a preview of the day-to-day tasks student employees will be completing. Does it include learning outcomes? Does it incorporate your unit's mission, vision, and values?
    • Ensure the job description has a list of required minimum qualifications and preferred qualifications that can be used throughout the recruitment process.
    • Develop a list of interview questions that reflect the knowledge, skills, and competencies which will assess an interviewee's success in the position
    • During the interview, verify a student's eligibility for the employment opportunity as well as other employment and volunteer positions the student may have on campus.

2. What to do as Soon as You Decided Whom to Hire

    • Ensure the student has the required identification on campus before finalizing a hire date.
    • Move student to hire in Workday and email Student Employment with a potential start date.
    • Verify the student's other employment positions on campus.
    • After the student has accepted employment, inform the student that an electronic I-9 form​ must be completed no later than the first day of work and the student must bring acceptable, original identification​ and work-eligibility documents with them within three business days of​ their hire date. The student may meet with HR personnel for assistance on completing the electronic Complete I-9 Form step in Workday.​

3. What to Do Before the Student Employee Begins Work 

    • Provide your new employee ​with the New Student Employee Checklist
    • ​Verify that the student employee's hire has been successfully completed in Workday and the student employee has received the onboarding tasks in their Workday Inbox.​

4. What to Do During the Employee's First Week of Work

    • Verify with the student that he/she has completed all items on the New Student Employee Checklist. Human Resources personnel can check the student's onboarding status in Workday to verify the items are complete.
    • Meet with the student to review job duties and performance expectations. Provide any written guidelines, instructions or manuals which may apply to the student's position.
    • Remind hourly-paid student employees they must submit timesheets in order to be paid for completed work.​