​​​Community Partner Testimonials

Hear what our partners have to say about our students​​:

They learned how to connect with people generations older than them and make meaningful connections.

I watched as Findlay students built connections with not only the staff member but the students that were present for Happy Weekend. They both participated in every activity that was given and looked like they enjoyed themselves doing so.

Students got a hands-on experience with the special needs clients in our therapeutic horseback riding program. Being allowed to work directly with the client to accomplish tasks and goals allows the student to better understand the needs of the client.

The students showed compassion with our patients.

Pharmacy students who presented a lesson on nutrition did an excellent job. I was impressed with their willingness to jump right in and participate right along with my students.

These students were excellent. They also took a leadership role in creating a project for the session and leading it. Both students worked with students who had some behavior issues and they both found ways to reach their student. They also gave good feedback to me. I am very appreciative to the University for creating this coursework that benefits the University students and our agency (community).

We have always had good results from the students we have had tutoring for us. They have been very reliable, responsible, and showed great leadership qualities. They were very easy to work with as well. We look forward to working with your students in the future.

The students were terrific to work with and the shelter residents learned a lot about women's health.