​How To Serve​

​​As a student at the University of Findlay there are numerous service opportunities available to you and resources available to help you become active in service.  There are one-time service opportunities and opportunities for you to serve at a nonprofit on an ongoing basis. Several student organizations incorporate service into their normal organization business. Please continue to explore the Office of Service and Community Engagement's website to help you with your service search. 

One-Time and Ongoing Service Opportunities

One-time service opportunities often include events and fundraisers for local non-profit organizations. The Office of Service and Community Engagement's staff sends a weekly email of one-time and ongoing service opportunities to any student, faculty, staff member, or community member who requests this email.  If you are interested in receiving these weekly emails, please send an email to [email protected]

Top Ten List:

Top Ten Things to do While Serving
1. Challenge yourself by stepping outside of your comfort zone!
2. Help others achieve!
3. Play a part in the community’s future!
4. Practice and improve your skills while working for a good cause!
5. Take action and make an impact!
6. Demonstrate pride in UF and yourself!
7. Learn new leadership skills and develop talents!
8. Develop new and lasting friendships!
9. Discover talents and abilities you never knew you had!
10. Have fun!!!

Top Ten Things to Avoid While Serving

1. Doing the exact opposite of the task that you are asked to do
2. Not asking for help when you don’t know what you are doing
3. Discussing confidential matters
4. Hurting yourself or others by not paying attention
5. Showing up late
6. Dressing inappropriately
7. Embarrassing yourself
8. Offending someone
9. Only talking to people you know
10. Not participating and/or not showing up 

Contact Us

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All mail should be addressed to: 1000 N. Main St., Findlay, OH 45840-3653