​Mission & Goals​​​​​

Who Are We?

The Office of Service and Community Engagement links The University of Findlay's faculty, staff, and students to the local community through mutually beneficial service projects. The University of Findlay is a member of the Ohio Campus Compact and the National Campus Compact, an organization of almost 1,200 colleges and universities which promotes volunteer service that develops students' citizenship skills and values, encourages collaborative partnerships between campuses and communities, and assists faculty who seek to integrate public and community engagement into their teaching and research.


To integrate service into the life of the university to benefit the larger community.


To strengthen and transform our community through service.


"Strengthening Ourselves Through Service"


The Office of Service and Community Engagement will support student learning by providing opportunities for students to apply knowledge and skill of course content to positively impact the community through academic service-learning.

The Office of Service and Community Engagement will support student learning by mobilizing students to identify needs in the community, to serve our community, and to recognize the impact of service on society through volunteerism and co-curricular service-learning.

Service Hours by Academic Year

Academic Year
Number of Service Hours
2013-2014 13,083
2012-2013 17,150
2011-2012 13,952
2010-2011 18,416
2009-2010 15,517
2008-2009 13,373
2007-2008 11,910