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Guiding Students to Success​

Starfish Retention Solutions is a fantastic online success tool that helps students finish what they start. Through Starfish students can:
  • Know right away how they are doing in a class.
  • Check on their progress in all of their classes.
  • Receive encouragement and praise for their hard work both in and outside of the classroom from faculty and staff members.
  • Get connected with university support resources to help them get through a rough class when they need additional support or even just someone to talk to.
  • For faculty, advisors, and coaches, Starfish gives them a real-time early-warning system. It makes them aware of who needs help and allows them to take a more holistic approach to student success.
Starfish can be accessed through Canvas or directly by clicking on the button in the sidebar.

My Success Network
My Success Network is a tool powered by Starfish that gives you an easy way to stay in contact with your Success Network of faculty and peers. In many cases, it also gives you a way to schedule the dedicated time you need with your advisors, faculty, and even tutors. 

Additionally, advisors and faculty members may generate To-Do’s, Referrals and/or Academic Progress Flags for you to take action on throughout the semester. You may receive an email notification based on their recommendations. Some To-Do’s and Referrals will have deadlines for completion. It is important to check your email on a regular basis to ensure you are up-to-date with any requests and appointments made by your Success Network.
Flags & Kudos
Starfish provides the ability for users to interact with their students through a number of tracking items. These items may be used to raise alerts (Flag students), provide encouragement (give Kudos), refer students to available people or campus resources (raise Referrals), or assign tasks to students (raise To-Dos). Depending upon your role in Starfish you may have access to some or all of these tracking items and features.
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