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Educational Information

Workday is a service that allows UF students to access their education records, financial aid information, and financial activity online. According to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), parents/guardians, also known as third parties, must receive access permission from their student before they can view certain information, including grades, current classes, financial account activity, financial aid package, and student financial statement. Third parties can pay tuition bills ​based on access permission granted by the student.​

For Students

Workday is an easy way to share your educational records with your parents or guardians. Here are the instructions to give your parents or guardians access in Workday to view your information:

2.     Click on Workday and log in

3.     To grant third party access (please also refer to the Manage Third Party Permissions Quick Guide):

a.     Click the Profile picture in the top right corner of Workday and view profile

b.     Click Contact on the left-hand side of the page

c.     Select Family and Friends at the top

d.     Click Actions in the far right column and select Edit Friends and Family

e.     Click the Is Third Party User check box

f.      Click OK and then Done

Note: You will still need to assign Third Party Permissions (see step 4)

4.     Manage third-party access and allow designated third-parties access to your information (please also refer to the Manage Third Party Permissions Quick Guide):

a.     Log onto Workday and view profile

b.     ​Click on Contact on the left and then Friends and Family at the top

c.     Click on Actions in the far right corner and Manage Permissions for My Third Party

d.     Select Allowed tasks for third party user and review FERPA Authorization Waiver

​​The third parties to whom you grant access will receive an email with a username and password. They will be able to log in and view your selected educational records, including end-of-semester grades, tuition statements, financial aid awards, and more. You are not required to grant access to your records, but Workday makes it convenient if you wish to do so.

Please contact the Oiler Success Center at 419-434-5680 or [email protected] with general questions or Technology Support Services at 419-434-4357 or [email protected] with technical questions.

View a short video on how to set up third-party permissions in Workday​

View a short video on how to manage third-party permissions in Workday​

Quick Guide

Manage Third Party Permissions​

​​For Parents

Once a student has authorized their third-party user(s), the individual(s) will receive two emails. These emails are sent from [email protected] with the Subject: Third-Party Access to University of Findlay Student Account:

1.     Email #1 Username

2.     Email #2 Temporary Password

Both emails contain the Workday Third-Party Access website URL.

Note: This website URL is different that the website URL a UF student would use to access Workday.

Using the emails sent from [email protected]:

1.     Click on the URL in the email after receiving both emails

2.     Enter the username and temporary password

3.     Change your password when prompted

4.     After successfully changing your password, the application will prompt you that it requires authentication and setup for security verification.

5.     From your phone, scan the QR code on the screen or if you already have the Microsoft Authenticator app, add an account and enter the Secret Key and Account

6.     Log in to access your student's information

Important! Your student MUST grant access to some or all information available to third-parties before the emails are sent with the username and password.​

Third Party User Access Instructions

Third Party Access

View Academics

Set Up Payment Elections

Make a Payment

View Account Activity

View Statement​

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