​​​​​2​023 Advisor of the Year Award Winners​

The University of Findlay is pleased to announce the winners of the 2023 Advisor of the Year award. The award, developed by the Academic Advising Committee, recognizes a faculty member from each college who has had a positive influence on undergraduate students through academic advising.


In the award's inaugural year, the University received 45 nominations from students, and a winner was selected from each of the University's six colleges after careful review by a committee.


2023 Advisor of the Year are:

College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences: 

Jacob Burmeister, Ph.D. Associate Professor - Behavioral Sciences​


College of Business: 

Jaclyn Schalk, Ed.D. Assistant Professor of Business and Assistant Dean of the College of Business​

College of Education:

Melissa Recker Assistant Professor of Teaching in Education and Team Leader for Early Childhood​


College of Health Professions: 

Tina Fournier Instructor of Teaching, Director of the Wellness and Health Promotion Program, and Director of the Health and Physical Education Program​


College of Pharmacy:

Sandra Earle, Pharm.D. Associate Professor of Teaching in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Associate Dean for Assessment and Student Success​


College of Sciences: 

Steven Aranyosi Instructor of Teaching in Biology​



The winners receive a one-year NACADA membership and will now go on to compete for the University's Faculty Advisor of the Year award, which will be announced later this fall.

“Each of the faculty have been awarded this high honor because of the relationship building that they have done with their advisees. I have said for many years that when this relationship building is done correctly it is one of the most rewarding and unique bonds that an advisor and their advisee will have.  Advising can have such a great impact on students when they are here, but also when they graduate and enter the workforce as alumni." 
-Glenn Miehls, director of academic advising

See below for a complete list of this year's nominees.​

2023 Advisor of the Year Nominations
College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences:
Todd Beitzel
Jacob Burmeister
Vincent Coppola
Nicole Diedrich
Hiroaki Kawamura
Jaymelee Kim

College of Business:
Chis Ward
Jaclyn Schalk
Eric Stoller
Brent Wickham
Kirby Overton

College of Education:
Melissa Recker
Kerry Teeple
Mark Willeke

College of Health Professions:
Tina Fournier
Kyle Gilbert
Sarah Niese
Robin Walters-Powell

College of Pharmacy:
Sandra Earle

College of Sciences:
Erin Alava
Steven Aranyosi
Brandon Morin
Helen Schneider
Brian Whitaker
Brandon Forshey
Robin Koehler
Mary Jo Geise


2022 Advisor of the Year Nominations
College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Anne Beekman
Todd Beitzel
Hiroaki Kawamura
Robert Postic

College of Business
Jaclyn Schalk
Eric Stoller
Chris Ward

College of Education
Allison Baer
Kerry Teeple

College of Health Professions
Lucas Gross
Aly Matejka
Susan Watters

College of Pharmacy
Jason Guy

College of Sciences
Erin Alava
Daniel Baczkowski
Robert Charvat
Brandon Forshey
Michael Kerns
Meridith Marsh
Nathan Tice
Brian Whitaker
Christopher White


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