​​​​Career Planning​​

Career Planning is the step between dreaming and doing.​

Career Planning helps students choose majors that are the best fit for their interests, abilities, and life goals.  Whether you are choosing your major at UF or thinking about making a change in your major, Career Planning can help you find the right direction for you. We can also help you if you are thinking about changing your major. 

Services include:

  • Specialized resources that show you the many career directions in fields and broaden your knowledge of the choices that could fit with your interests and abilities.
  • An opportunity to talk about options for double majors, how minors can enhance your major plans, and other ways to strengthen your degree plan for your career.
  • Personality assessments that open up career path options to you instead of closing doors.
  • ACAD 125 Career Development class for students exploring majors.
  • Helping you to connect with faculty in Findlay's programs to learn more about their programs.

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