​​Changing Your Major

There are many reasons for changing your major:

  • You may have discovered a new interest and career field.

  • Your grades may not be what is required in your current major.

  • The classes you're required to take are different from what you expected.

  • Your career goals may be changing as you decide about the kind of personal and professional life you'd like to have.

Steps to Help You:

  • Visit the Oiler Success Center, Old Main 122 for individual help looking at your options.

  • Learn everything you can about the new major/s you're considering- read the program webpages, meet with program faculty and talk to upperclassmen in the program.

  • Talk to friends in the majors that interest you.


When You're Ready to Change Your Major:

  • Students can change their program of study in Workday. You may contact the Oiler Success Center on how to do this.


Other Things to Consider Before you Switch:

  • Understand the requirements for your current major and the career paths it will prepare you for.

  • Discuss your concerns in the Oiler Success Center.

  • Understand the requirements for your new major and the career paths it will prepare you for.

  • Talk to the Office of Financial Aid, Old Main, first floor, if you are receiving any type of scholarship related to your major.


Sometimes there are other issues:

  • ​If poor study skills are pulling down your grades, visit the Academic Support Center (ground floor of Old Main). 419-434-5671 or ext. 5671.
  • ​If personal concerns keep you from focusing on school, visit the Counseling Center at 307 Frazer St., 419-434-4526 or ext. 4526.

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