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Do you really have to declare a major when you come to Findlay?

  • What if you have some ideas and things that interest you but you're not sure how they all fit together into a major and career plan?
  • What if you'd like to explore some programs and get used to university life before you decide?​ 
  • What if you are interested in a major but you want to be sure you can make the grades you need before you declare?
  • What if there's something you'd really like to do but you're not sure it's the 'best' career direction for you?

You can enter Undeclared status (Xund) and get the individual help you need to look at Findlay's majors and find the one that's best for you!

During your first semester, you'll have individual help understanding how majors work, how your interests and abilities with program requirements, and connecting with faculty in programs to learn more about them. Undeclared status is also available for students who start with a major but realize they would like to step back for a semester to explore some other options.​

Don't I have to start with a major if I want to graduate on time?
Some programs are very structured and it's important to get started first semester on some of their requirements. If you are very strongly interested in a specific major but not ready to commit yet, your first semester schedule will include some of the courses the program starts with to give you a chance to learn more about the program by taking the classes for it. There are also many programs that have a lot of flexibility in their structures – if you don't enter them until your second semester, you have plenty of time to finish the program for your planned graduation year.

But will I end up taking a bunch of courses I don't need if I enter Undeclared?
No, everything you take your first semester will help you complete graduation requirements no matter what major you eventually choose. In addition to Major Program course requirements, all Findlay students also complete Core Plus Requirements for their degrees. Many of the courses students take to try out majors also have Core Plus status so, even if you decide not to pursue that major, you have completed some Core Plus requirements toward graduation.


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