​Contract and Rider for Campus Performances

The UF Contract and Rider forms should be used for every event that involves outside persons performing or providing a service. These are legally binding documents that is in place for the protection of your organization. The UF Contract and Rider are available in the Student Activities Hallway located in the Alumni Memorial Union, or electronically below. It is UF policy that no outside contracts/riders be signed before a completed (signed) UF contract/rider has been submitted by the other party. You must receive a signed copy of the UF contract/rider before a UF representative can sign it or any other contract/rider. Student organization advisors are the only persons permitted to sign as the authorized sponsor, NOT student organization officers, members, etc.
  • Contract Cover Letter Form - The Cover Letter should be the first page seen by the Artist and/or Agency when receiving the Contract and Rider for Campus Performances. 
  • Contract and Rider Form - The electronic Contract and Rider form that should be filled out in its entirety.
  • Contract and Rider Instructional Guide - For a "how-to" step by step guide to the UF Contract and Rider.
  • W​-9​ - The W-9 should be sent with the Contract and Rider. This is required by the Accounts Payable Office before a requisition can be processed for the Artist.

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