​​​​​​​​​​​T.O.O.L. Development Series

​Training Oilers & Organizations in Leadership Development is a workshop series that Student Activities, Commuter Services & Leadership Development, in collaboration with Student Government Association & Student Activities Board, co-host each academic year. 


The Purpose of T.O.O.L. Development Workshop Series:

  • Provide networking opportunities between peers & national/international speakers
  • Provide opportunities for students to expand their leadership skillsets
  • ​Empower students to develop an understanding of what is expected of leaders 

How T.O.O.L. Development Workshop Series Works:

  • All UF students, faculty & staff are invited to attend
  • There is no fee nor pre-registration required
  • A different leadership topic will be covered each session
  • Students attending all T.O.O.L. programs will receive a certificate for portfolios that demonstrates the individual's commitment to personal leadership growth & empowerment beyond the required classes to graduate

2023-2024 Schedule


Del Suggs (1).png

Del Suggs is one of the most popular Leadership Development and Motivational speakers in the college market. He was voted "Best Campus Speaker" by the member schools of the Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities in 2010. On February 8, 2001 the staff of Campus Activities magazine and the Nation's Campuses inducted Del Suggs into The National Campus Entertainment Hall Of Fame.​

T.O.O.L Session
Del Suggs: Avoiding Burnout
Tuesday, August 22, 2023
WTS-TLB Auditorium, 7:30 p.m.

Burnout: a state of mental, physical and emotional exhaustion. When the alarm clock goes off, do you hit the snooze button and roll back over? Does your life and job remind you of the film "Groundhog Day"? At one time you were excited about your role on campus and eagerly embraced each day.
Wouldn't you like to keep that enthusiasm alive-- or bring it back to life? This session may be the answer. Del Suggs, noted Leadership Development trainer, author and APCA "Best Campus Speaker" will inspire you with this quick lesson in Attitude Restoration. Learn to recognize burnout in yourself, and some simple steps to regain the joy in your life and work.​

T.O.O.L Session
Del Suggs: How to Get Stuff Done
Wednesday, August 23, 2023
WTS-TLB Auditorium, 11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

Are you constantly crunched with duties and assignments? Do you have trouble staying on top of your academic responsibilities, leadership roles, and other tasks? All tasks are not created equal. Del has formulated a new system: A.C.O.R.N: Assemble, Clarify, Organize, Review, and Navigate. In this presentation, you'll learn a quick and easy method of planning and prioritizing your tasks. Then you'll learn some simple ways to stay focused and motivated to complete your goals. Learn how to Get Stuff Done!

T.O.O.L. Session
Del Suggs: Time Management
Wednesday, August 23, 2023
WTS-TLB Auditorium, 7:30 p.m.

Time management is a lie-- we can't manage time. What we can do is manage how we use the time we have. This program deals with the "Three P's of Time Management": Planning, Prioritizing, and Procrastination. After attending this program, your students will have some solid and useful tools for utilizing their time, and getting more done.

Justine Shuey (1).png

Dr. Justine Marie Shuey has always been an educator at heart. She has an undergraduate degree in English and Women & Gender Studies, a Masters in Education in Human Sexuality Education, a Doctorate in Human Sexuality, and is all but dissertation on a second doctorate degree, (a Ph.D.) in Human Sexuality.

For the last 15 years, she has been traveling all over the United States and Canada talking about all the things, teaching courses at 6 colleges in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and training medical students and professionals. In 2017 she started Painting with Justine and Crafting with Justine to teach people more about the importance of self care.

When COVID hit and everything shifted to virtual Dr. Justine was crowned BINGO Queen by multiple campuses after successfully pivoting and offering tons of new educational programs on Zoom in fun and interactive BINGO formats that students loved, but also learned from!

T.O.O.L Session
Dr. Justine Shuey: Craft-a-Palooza
Tuesday, March 12, 2024
WTS-TLB Auditorium, 4:00-8:00 p.m.

T.O.O.L Session
Dr. Justine Shuey: Student Ally Training Luncheon
Wednesday, March 13, 2023
WTS-TLB Auditorium, 12:00-1:30 p.m.

T.O.O.L Session
Dr. Justine Shuey
Wednesday, March 13, 2023
WTS-TLB Auditorium, 7:30 p.m.​



The T.O.O.L. Development Workshops are Co-Sponsored and Produced by: 

Student Activities, Commuter Services, Leadership Development, Student Government Association & Student Activities Board


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The University of Findlay Office of Accessibility and Inclusion at​ 419-434-5532.