​​Frequently Asked Questions

How are my student activities dollars spent?

Full-time undergraduate students pay a $100 student activities fee, part-time undergraduate and graduate students pay a $35 student activities fee each academic semester.  That fee is deposited into the Student Government Association's (SGA) UF account.  Student government allocates funds to UF recognized student interest groups and organizations that go through the proper parliamentary procedures to request funding for events.  Examples of events that receive funding include concerts, dances, comedians, traveling game shows, novelty acts, Greek recruitment events, motivational speakers, theme parties....etc. 

I am a graduate student, do I need to pay the Student Activities fee?

Yes. Graduate students pay a $35.00 student activity fee per academic session, excluding summer session.

Where can I find yearly documents I need for my organization?

All student organizations must activate and provide a roster to the Office of Student Activities in order to be active for an upcoming year. The Student Organization Activation Form and the Student Organization Member Roster are both available online in the Student Leader Resource Center on August 1st of each year. These forms must be completed in their entirety and submitted to the Office of Student Activities located in the Alumni Memorial Union, office 8.

I can't find a link or form I am trying to find for my student organization/interest group. Where can I find it?

Student Activities in conjunction with SGA have created a Resource Center specifically designed to help student leaders and advisors find important information. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please contact the Office of Student Activities!

My organization would like to request funding from SGA. How do we apply?

SGA will provide funding to student organizations each semester. In order to be eligible for these funds, the student group must have first activated with the Office of Student Activities (completing both the Student Organization Activation Form and St​udent Organization Membership Roster) and attended Board of Presidents Leadership Conference (BOP) hosted by SGA during the first three (3) weeks of each semester. In addition, an organization must have an up to date constitution submitted and on file. The Student Organization must then complete the formal SGA Budget Request Process​.

I am interested in starting a new student organization. What do I need to do?

Call the Office of Student Activities at 419-434-4606 or email [email protected] to schedule an appointment with an office representative. The necessary paperwork and directions will be provided.

Our new student interest group has not been recognized as an official UF student organization yet. Why?

Upon receiving recognition of becoming an approved UF student interest group, there is a series of events that must take place to become an approved and recognized UF student organization.  

  1. A constitution must be drafted by the interest group and submitted online through SGA.

  2. SGA's Sergeant-At-Arms reviews the draft and contacts the student interest group's student leaders to discuss the draft.

  3. If anything needs to be corrected, the student interest group is responsible for making the corrections and resubmitting the constitution to the Office of Student Activities with "Revised Draft" printed on the front pace of the constitution and include the revision date.

  4. The Office of Students Activities will process the second draft and submit it to SGA's Sergeant-At-Arms.

  5. The constitution is submitted to SGA for approval.

  6. When the constitution is approved by SGA, it is submitted to the Office of Student Activities for final review and approval.

  7. Upon approval, a congratulatory/recognition letter is sent to the student interest group notifying them of official student organization recognition.

  8. There are many different steps involved in the approval process.  It depends upon the timing and speed of committees involved as to when the official recognition of a student interest group becomes a UF recognized student organization.

My student organization wants to have an event and we need funding.  Where do we get the money and how do we apply for it?

UF recognized student organizations qualify and may apply for funding through SGA.  In order to apply for funding, there is a list of criteria that must be adhered to.  Student leaders may contact a representative in the Office of Student Activities (419-434-4606 or [email protected]) or the SGA office (419-434-4849 or [email protected] ) to schedule an appointment to discuss the proper procedures.

I want to start a new organization on campus. What do I need to do?

  1. Set up an appointment with the Director of Student Activities, Commuter Services & Leadership Development. During this meeting be prepared to discuss what your interest group's mission/goals will be. Have a full-time faculty or administrative staff member committed and willing to be the interest group/organization's, advisor.

  2. The University of Findlay requires all interest groups, organizations, honor societies, social societies to have an active full-time faculty or administrative staff member committed to the adviser's position in order for the interest group/organization/honor society be recognized as active on campus.

  3. During the meeting, you (the student representative) will be given an "Interest Group Registration/Petition" form.

  4. Directions will be provided regarding the completion/submission of this form. 

What is a student interest group?

An interest group completes and submits a registration/petition to the Office of Student Activities, Commuter Services & Leadership Development. This provides documentation to The University of Findlay that the group wishes to be active on campus. Upon approval of the petition, the interest group may continue steps required to become recognized as an official organization on campus. Until official recognition is granted the group remains an "interest group".

What benefits do student interest groups have?

  1. Permitted to advertise upcoming meetings and events on campus

  2. Permitted to recruit new members

  3. Permitted to reserve space on campus to host meetings & events

  4. May apply to host fundraisers

  5. May participate in the Annual Student Org​anization Fair

What is the process to become a recognized student organization?

  1. A recognized student organization must complete phase one "Interest Group Registration/Petition"(IGR/P) form

  2. After the IGR/P is approved, the group drafts a constitution following SGA guidelines and submits it online through SGA.

  3. If corrections are needed the Sergeant at Arms will notify the interest group regarding any corrections, revisions or additions that are required in writing.

  4. If revisions are required, the interest group must make revisions and re-submit a new "revised" constitution online.

  5. The revised copy must be documented as such on the first page i.e.: "Revised August 9, 2017"

  6. This process continues until Sergeant at Arms' committee approves the constitution.

  7. Once the constitution is approved, Sergeant at Arms will notify all parties involved in writing.

  8. A formal letter along with a certificate with UF's seal may be picked up in Student Activities for the newly recognized student organization.

What are the benefits of being a recognized student organization on campus?  

  1. UF Recognized student organizations that are open to all campus enrolled students and follow all SGA's requirements regarding budgetary procedure qualify for funding through SGA.

  2. UF recognized organizations may apply for web advertising/promotion services.

  3. UF recognized organizations may advertise events on campus.

  4. UF recognized organizations may reserve location on campus for events.

  5. UF recognized organizations qualify to fundraise on and off campus (using the application process).

  6. UF recognized organizations may nominate students for awards on campus.

  7. UF recognized organizations may apply to host programming during "Welcome Week."

  8. UF recognized organizations ma​y register to participate in the "Student Orga​nization Fair."

Are there student organizations recognized by UF and not SGA?

Yes! Some national honor societies within colleges, networking societies within colleges, and social societies within colleges hold national charters. Those organizations register with the Office of Student Activities, Commuter Services & Leadership Development as active. The University recognizes them as an approved organization once a copy of the national charter and constitution is submitted with all other required paperwork.

Do these organizations qualify for funding through SGA? No. Organizations that are private, only open to specific majors or a select few on campus do not qualify for SGA funding.

What are UF recognized/ non-SGA recognized student organizations' benefits on campus?

  1. May apply for web advertising/promotion services

  2. May advertise events on campus

  3. May reserve location on campus for events

  4. May qualify to fundraise on and off campus (using the application process)

  5. May nominate students for awards on campus

  6. May apply to host programming during "Welcome Week"

  7. May register to participate in the "Student Organization Fair"

All procedures and policies communicated by the offices of Student Activities, Commuter Services, Leadership Development and Student Government Association must be followed in order to receive and maintain the University of Findlay student interest group/organization recognition.