​​​​Leadership Training Opportunities ​

Offices Student Activities, Commuter Services & Leadership Development offers leadership training opportunities throughout the academic year. 

See the information below.

Fall Leadership Retreat

Annually, upperclassmen returning for the fall semester are invited to pre-register & participate in the annual fall leadership retreat. The incoming first-year students are recruited during summer registrations. There is limited availability and registration is on a first come, first serve basis. The retreat is sponsored by the Offices of Student Activities, Commuter Services & Leadership Development & co-funded by Student Government Association (SGA) & Student Activities Board (SAB).

The retreat offers students opportunities to network, enhance existing leadership skills & develop new skills that will catalyze current & future leadership roles. 

There is no fee to participate. Pre-registration is required. Please have a valid UF I.D. available when registering for the retreat. The Student Activities, Commuter Services & Leadership Development offices are located in the Alumni Memorial Union #8A.

  ​Fall Leadership Presenter Sherry Winn​

T.O.O.L. Leadership Development Series

Training Oilers in Organizational Leadership Development is a workshop series that Student Activities, Commuter Services & Leadership Development, in collaboration with Student Government Association & Student Activities Board, co-host each academic year. 

The Purpose of T.O.O.L. Development Workshop Series:

  • Provide networking opportunities between peers & national/international speakers
  • Provide opportunities for students to expand their leadership skillsets
  • ​Empower students to develop an understanding of what is expected of leaders 

How T.O.O.L. Development Workshop Series Works:

  • All UF students, faculty & staff are invited to attend
  • There is no fee nor pre-registration required
  • A different leadership topic will be covered each session
  • Students attending all T.O.O.L. programs will receive a certificate for portfolios that demonstrates the individual's commitment to personal leadership growth & empowerment beyond the required classes to graduate
  • Click T.O.O.L. Leadership Development series above for current schedule
      Cody Byrns​ (T.O.OL.​ March 17)                                               Daniel Caron (T.O.O.L Nov. 11)

CodyByrns-Speaker1.jpgdaniel-caronAPCA Ethan Fisher 1.jpg

​​Dr.-justineshuey c.jpg ​

                                   Ethan Fisher (T.O.O.L Oct. 21)​                                                     Dr. Justine ​​Shuey (T.O.O.L ​Feb. 17)

Questions? Comments? 

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Email: [email protected] ​
Visit us in Office 8A located in The Alumni Memorial Union​​