​​​​​​​​​​​UF Greek Council

The purpose of Greek Council is to provide capable and responsible leadership for the social fraternities and sororities on campus, provide a means of communication and cooperation between the organizations, and to foster growth through brotherhood and sisterhood found within Greek organizations.
  • Greek Council will offer opportunities for responsibility and leadership participation of all members of the Greek Council and the organizations they represent
  • Greek Council will provide a unified voice on behalf of all Greek organizations in regards to the University of Findlay
  • To develop a sense of spirit, pride, and loyalty to The University of Findlay, as well as the affiliations of its members
  •   All functions, powers, and responsibilities delegated in this Constitution are derived from, and exercised under, the authority of the Greek Advisor of the University of Findlay

UF Greek Organizations ​​​​​​


Greek Council Meetings 

For the 2021-2022 academic year, Greek Council meetings will typically take place on a bi-weekly basis (dates listed below).  

All regular meetings will be held in CBSL Jebbett 120 Leadership Room at 9:30 pm.

August 23rd
September 13th, 27th
October 11th, 25th
November 8th, 22nd, 29th
January 10th, 24th
February 7th, 21st
March 14th, 28th
April 11th, 28th​

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Questions? Comments? 

Visit us at the Office 8A located in The Alumni Memorial Union