​​​​​​​​​​​​Western Equestrian - ​Year 1​

​Introductory Year​​​

Your first year in the University of Findlay Western Equestrian Program is designed to serve as an introduction to the breadth and variety of the equine industry. Beginning with rider position and equitation, you will use that foundation to continue throughout the year moving on to both training techniques and introducing several disciplines. You will rotate through several broke University-owned horses, in addition to teaching showmanship to a green horse.

  • Accommodate new and experienced students

  • An introduction to good training techniques for horse handling, lunging, line driving, and riding

  • Overview of various disciplines beginning with horsemanship, showmanship, equitation, trail, and ranch riding

  • Opportunity to experience riding a variety of university owned broke horses

  • Each class has riding, stall cleaning time, and ends with the afternoon feeding

  • Enroll in equine introductory level classes such as Equine Science, and Judging


western freshman year