​​​​​​​​​​​​Western Equestrian - Year Two

​​Enhance Your Training​​

As you continue into your second year in the Western Equestrian Program, you are provided the opportunity to train an unbroke colt. Staff will guide you through the fundamentals of the training process while allowing you the opportunity to begin to develop your own riding program. You also have the chance to experience working with a 'client' through our Send Your Horse to College(SYHC) program. Our SYHC program invites horse owners to send their horses to our campus to be trained over the course of the academic year. 

  • Each student is assigned an unbroke colt each semester

  • Colts and students progress from ground work, lunging, line driving and riding in the round pen, to riding patterns and rail work in the arena

  • Regular demonstrations given

  • Students have the opportunity to experience working with non–University owned horses through our Send Your Horse to College program

  • Continue to expand knowledge base with academic courses like Equine Nutrition, Reproduction and Preventative Medicine