​​Find out how many of your courses transfer to Findlay easily through Transferology


Access Transferology here:


We're a proud member of Transferology. This is a nationwide online transfer planning resource students can use to identify equivalent courses at other schools. You can simply create a free account, then start adding your courses and search for University of Findlay to discover possible equivalencies.

Try Transferology yourself, or ask your school's advisor, or the University's transfer counselor for assistance​.

If a course is not in Transferology, it does not mean it doesn't transfer. It means we just need to review it for a transfer equivalency. This extra step ensures that the students get the best evaluation for their transfer work.

Directions for Transferology:

  1. Create a Free Account 
  2. Enter the school the student is currently attending or has attended under School Name 
  3. Under "Taken" enter which term and year the course was taken 
  4. Under "Department" enter the department/subject of the course 
  5. Then select the correct course from the list provided by clicking the green plus sign 
  6. Continue this process until all courses have been uploaded 
  7. Click "Search for Matches " button 
  8. Find University of Findlay in the list and click on the "Percentage" to see the evaluation at Findlay 

Check out how courses might be used in a specific program by clicking the Apply Courses to a Program button. 

  1. Select the degree 
  2. Click on the "See how your courses might apply to this program button"
  3. Answer the questions that pop up and click Next 
  4. Answer no to “view how courses from other school apply” and click Next 
  5. Agree to the terms and click Go 
  6. Refresh the screen with the refresh button on the top right on the webpage 
  7. Click on the degree entered and this provides an unofficial look at how transfer courses apply at Findlay 

If the student wants a Recruiter or Academic Adviser to see their courses – this allows us to run program degree audits that include the student’s coursework. 

  1. Request Information from the University of Findlay through Transferology 
  2. Place a Checkmark in the Advising box 
  3. Fill out the rest of the information request 
  4. Send in the request

Evaluating courses guide to meeting graduate program prerequisites, click the link below.