Early Assurance - High School Admit

Program Overview

  • The University of Findlay is one of a few physical therapy programs in Ohio that offer an early assurance program.
  • The early assurance program allows high school seniors to apply to reserve their seat in the Traditional DPT Program.
  • After three years of undergraduate study, the student is guaranteed a seat in the Traditional DPT Program, providing they maintain the minimum requirements needed to remain in the early assurance program.  

Early Assurance Application Process

  • Apply to The University of Findlay through UF admissions
  • Upon acceptance to the university and if the early assurance criteria are met, applicants will be given access to a separate supplemental early assurance option application.
    • ​The second application allows the high school student to provide the application reviewers information on their involvement in extra-curricular activities, service, a performance in other areas pertinent to granting an invitation for admission to the professional phase of the DPT program.
    • The DPT program application process will be a rolling admissions process. The DPT program will review the supplemental application within 30 days of receipt. Students will be notified of their application decision and have 30 days to respond. All applications will be reviewed until the April 1st deadline.  

​Early Assurance Admission requirements:

High school seniors who meet the following criteria are eligible to apply for the early assurance option:

  1. Minimum overall grade point average of 3.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale
  2. 26 or higher on the ACT or 1240 or higher on t​he SAT

Once accepted into the early assurance program, students must meet the criteria listed below:

  • Complete all of the University CORE+ general education undergraduate degree requirements and all program prerequisites. All prerequisites must be completed with a final grade of “C” or higher​. Please see the prerequisite courses below.
  • ​​Maintain a minimum overall college grade point average of 3.5 every semester, and a minimum Math/Science Prerequisites GPA of 3.2 by the end of the fall semester of their junior year.
  • Complete 40 hours of observation in two different types of clinical settings in physical therapy by the time of application to the PT program.
    • ​One setting must be an acute care hospital, rehabilitation/subacute rehabilitation facility, or extended care facilities/nursing home/skilled nursing facility.
    • The second setting is the student's setting of choice.
    • A minimum of 20 hours is required at each clinical site.
  • Complete 93.5 credit hours college credit before starting the DPT program​

  • ​Submit official transcripts
  • Complete the GRE with scores reported to The University of Findlay.
    • PTCAS GRE code:​ 1223​

  • Declare and complete a minor or dual major prior to entering the DPT program

Prerequisite Courses specific to the Traditional DPT program:

  • Human Anatomy & Physiology I
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology/Lab
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology II
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology II/Lab
  • General Chemistry I/Lecture
  • General Chemistry I/Lab
  • General Chemistry II/Lecture
  • General Chemistry II/Lab
  • Physiology of Exercise
  • Elementary Statistics or Integrated Statistical
  • General Physics I/Lecture
  • General Physics I/Lab
  • General Physics II/Lecture
  • General Physics II/Lab
  • Trigonometry or Precalculus
  • General Psychology
  • Lifespan Development
  • Medical Terminology
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Wellness
  • Introduction to Health Professions 


**These prerequisites are specific to the DPT program and undergraduate degree requirements may differ.

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